Tooth fairy.

i remember loosing my first tooth and the cute pillow my grandma made me to put my tooth in for the tooth fairy. it was shaped like the tooth fairy, and she had wings and a pocket for my tooth. i remember waking up in the morning and finding two shiny quarters in place of the tooth.

i also remember the one time when the tooth fairy forgot to come. in fact i think it was about four days until she came. it wasn’t my first tooth, but i do remember being very disappointed. i even found the letter that i wrote her after she forgot for a couple of days in my keepsake box. it read:

dear tooth fairy,
i lost my tooth. it has been four days since i lost it. i hope that you will come get it soon. i hope you don’t forget.

she did finally come, and i never even figured out that it was really my parents who were forgetting to take the tooth (i didn’t figure that out until i moved out and she didn’t come that year! j/k)

well, i promised myself i wouldn’t let that happen to my kids when they lost their teeth. and my oldest has been loosing teeth left and right. he has now lost 5 teeth, 3 in the last week! (i think the tooth fairy is going broke). he lost one yesterday and came home grinning from ear-to-ear with a little tooth shaped container holding his little tooth. he was excited. and this morning, i felt a tug at 6 am, my heart sunk and immediately knew. I FORGOT TO GET HIS TOOTH. “mommy, the tooth fairy forgot to come!” “ARE YOU SURE HONEY?” “yes, she didn’t leave any money.”oh no! let’s go make sure.” i quickly grabbed a paper bill from the dresser without him seeing and went into his room with him. i tucked the money into the pile of Webkins that were under the tooth fairy pillow. and asked him, “are you sure you looked hard enough?” he said he did, but knowing him, he really didn’t. so he climbed up on the bunk and moved the pillow and exclaimed “you were right, the money is right here!”

Sheeeeesh, that was a close one. i totally failed at being the tooth fairy!!!!!!! i mean, i just feel awful. but as of right now, i don’t think he figured out my failure. so for now, all is well. what kind of mom am i??? please don’t tell anyone.

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