Star Wars at Discovery Science Center

if you have any Star Wars fans in your family, the Discovery Science Center’s all new Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit is an absolute must see! the boys and i had the opportunity to experience this last thursday. they were in Star Wars heaven. i actually couldn’t get them to go home without a fight. they wanted to go home, get their costumes and come back.

imagine a world with humanoid robots translating languages, landspeeders whizzing down the highway, and X-wing Starfighters protecting the skies. could these technologies, limited only to the fantasy worlds of Star Wars™, actually become a reality?  find out as Discovery Science Center hosts an out-of-this-world exhibit, Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination, presented by Bose Corporation.

the Star Wars exhibit includes…..ALL which my boys LOVED are:

• building and testing your own speeders and robots
• real artifacts from all six Star Wars films
(Luke’s Landspeeder Model and Vehicle, Anakin Jedi Costume, Obi-Wan Kenobi Costume, Yoda puppet, C-3PO Costume, R2-D2 Droid, Princess Leia Costume, Imperial Walker AT-AT Model, Stormtrooper Costume, Lightsaber Props, Darth Vader Costume and more!)
• driving a hover craft
• a millennium falcon experience!
• exploring the technology of droids and landspeeders
• and much more!

Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination

Exhibit Dates:

November 18th 2011 through April 15th, 2012

General Science Center Admission:
Adults $14.95  •  Children (3-14) $12.95  •  Seniors (60+) $12.95

Star Wars Exhibit Admission:
Non-members: $10 at the door  •  $8 Online
Members: $8 at the door  • $6 Online  •  All-Access Upgrade $15

*General admission is required to purchase Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination tickets.

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