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on friday nights or saturdays, we love to get out as a family and do fun activities around the OC. whether its the beach, the movies or exploring new places, we are always looking for something fun AND that the whole family will enjoy. one of our most favorite places to go is to Sender One in Santa Ana. it’s an awesome indoor rock climbing center here in Orange County.

Sender One consists of two areas – first, there is the main area where pros to beginners come to indoor rock climb, and then there is a second area, Sender City, that great for kids (as well as parents) with brightly colored climbing challenges and obstacles. i have written about Sender City before and how amazingly awesome it is. the only thing that has changed since i wrote that post, is its name.  it used to be called Funtopia, but it has now rebranded itself to Sender City. it still has all the same great attractions and great staff, just a name change.

last weekend, we decided to spend the evening at Sender One, and spent some time in both Sender City and Sender One. we had a great time….as always!

Sender City Summer Camp for Kids in Orange Countyfirst we went to Sender City because it closes earlier than Sender One. the boys and the hubby had fun climbing all our favorites. this evening, i decided just to take picture. i do love climbing…but i also love taking pictures of my boys.Best Summer Camps for Kids in Orange Countywhat i love about Sender City, is that it is a great place to help kids learn confidence. a lot of the obstacles seem scary at first, but it is fun to see them try again and again and gain the ability and confidence to get to the top. it’s hard to believe that little Vann was scared at first..and then to see him climb to the top and jump was amazing!
Kids Rock Climbing Classes in Orange CountyHow to Build Confidence in KidsFun Places For Kids in Orange CountySender City For Kidsand parents have blast too. it’s also great exercise!Fun Date Ideas in Orange CountySender City Fun Zone For KidsFun Places to Go in Southern Californiathen there is the giant slide! half of the family was a bit scared to try it out, but the other half loved it. by holding onto the handle, you get pulled up to the top of the slide. when you let go…..WHEEEEEE!!!!!! you get a un drop down he slide.
Fun Slides for Kids in Orange CountySender City Giant Slidethere’s a new area in Sender City, a toddler area. it’s great for those smaller kids and toddlers who are not quite big enough to climb. this way parents can keep watch on both their kids in Sender City climbing area, and in the toddler area.Toddler Area at Sender City

after we were done in Sender City, we headed over to the main climbing area of Sender One. let me tell you, this place is amazing!!!!! people from all over come to Sender One to climb there amazing rock walls. they offer classes to beginners everyday, and you can come in rock climb for a daily fee that is pretty reasonable. if you are a beginner, head over to the Sender One website to check out the beginner info.

Sender One Climbing Centerthe best way to start climbing at Sender One is by taking our Intro to Climbing package – this includes a 1-hour intro to Climbing and Belaying Class, a day pass for the entire day, and your rental gear. the day pass gives access to the climbing gym, fitness facilities, and even yoga classes all day.

Sender One OCthis was the first time we spent a lot of time in the main climbing area, and we absolutely loved it. there were so many areas to explore and the Sender One team members were so helpful teaching us the prober way to climb.Safety at Sender One Indoor Rock ClimbingOrange County Kids Climbing classes

Rock Climbing ChallengesFun Activities for Families in Orange CountyRock Climbing TrainingDate Night Ideas in the OCOrange County Rock Climbing Lessonsthe boys had such a great time, that they are already asking to go back. i love that they are learning, building their skills and also getting great exercise while they are at it. we have decided to send them to Summer Camp at Sender One because they loved it so much.Southern California Rock Climbing LessonsOrange County Kids Rock Climbing Lessonsthis summer, i hope that you have a chance to get your kids to Sender One or Sender City. it also make a great date night adventure, so don’t think this place is just for kids….because its for everyone!!!! Fun Things to do With Teen in Orange County Rock Climbing


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