RIDEMAKERZ: my kids dream day!

last weekend was the weekend my kids had been anticipating for weeks. we went to RIDEMAKERZ® in Downtown Disney!

haven’t heard of RIDEMAKERZ®? well, imagine entering the world’s coolest custom car shop and being able to choose from dozens of cars…and then actually being able to build and customize your favorite. seriously…it wass awesome!!!!!!  the most fun my boys have had….maybe ever in their lives….they REALLY LOVE this sort of thing.

so, how does RIDEMAKERZ work? well, first you pick out your favorite car or truck body. 
(my shy little guy)

then, you get to trick out your car! pick some wheels and rims.

next, you get to go to the pit area where you actually get to build your car. you get to use REAL TOOLS! and…if you want to put a remote control in….YOU CAN!

then, you can trick your car out even more! add accessories….stickers, engines, real working lights, a fin, a hood scoop, larger motor, running boards, tail pipes….soooo many different accessories that i can’t even name them all.

RIDEMAKERZ® has so many cool cars and accessories it was hard for my boys to pick. between the body styles and colors, and all the parts, RIDEMAKERZ® estimates there are more than 649 million possible combinations, not including individual decal placement.

RIDEMAKERZ® even has the cars from Disney’s Cars!!!! and making their debut last monday were the new cars from Disney’s Cars 2. check a few out…

RIDEMAKERZ® is a fun and immersive car building and customizing experience for the whole family with over 649 million ways to customize your favorite radio-control car or “RIDE.”  This modern day car concept takes America’s love of cars and the massive car customizing movement to the next level.  Its distinctive combination of real and online activities provides choice, unleashes creativity, encourages collaboration, fosters confidence and instills a sense of community.
RIDEMAKERZ® cars cost anywhere between $18 – $36 for a stock car. this includes stock tires & rims. accessories are extra and are priced anywhere from $3 – $15. adding a remote control is $25.  and the great thing about these cars is that they are completely interchangable. everything is magnetic and and can be switched out! so you can use getting new parts as a reward system. and at $3 for a new set of rims or cool accessory…it’s an affordable treat!
you can visit at any of their 5 locations…plus they have smaller versions of the RIDEMAKERZ® stores at  Disney Interactive Stores across the United States. and if there isn’t one near you….you can build your own car online.
stay tuned….because tomorrow, i will be sharing a great coupon….plus, there will be a giveaway…that may or may not be a gift certificate to RIDEMAKERZ®.

thank you RIDEMAKERZ® for such developing such a great store! we love it!!!

{ disclaimer: we we’re invited guest of RIDEMAKERZ and were given coupons to build our cars. all of these opinions are my own. we had an unbelievably fun day building our cars and have already planned a trip to go back. }


  1. Karen Carter says

    How fun! I have to show this to Noah & Cole.
    PS You look amazing in this photo. Really gorgeous!

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