please meet Faye.

as a parent, i am constantly worried that i am doing what is best for my kiddies. a lot of times it is trial and error, sometimes i go to others for advise. one person i have come to trust and use as a mentor/counselor is Faye Georgette Yee M.A. Education, M.S. Family Counseling. she has been helping me with my oldest son for a couple years now. helping me to see the world through his eyes and knowing how to handle difficult areas in his life. the advice i have received from her has been wonderful, and i might say, priceless. it has help our family to grow and function productively, happily and peacefully.

here is a brief background of Faye Georgette Yee M.A. Education, M.S. Family Counseling:

Born and raised in San Francisco Bay Area
Elementary school instructor – Hawaii, Washington, California
Gifted Education advisor – Orange County, CA.
Relief Society President – woman’s church organization – America and Asia
Assistant Curator of Education- Bowers Museum of Cultural Arts, Orange County.
Education and Family consultant for corporate families. American, British, Australian, and French International schools.
Intermediate and high school counselor – Orange County, California
Mother of three adult children and grandmother of three little ones.
Areas of focus:

Early identification and nurturing of innate gifts and talents
Effective parent /child communications
The importance of understanding the language of play.

“parents of young children deserve the best information available. with my experience and a strong network of creditable resources, i seek to provide guidance in areas which may be confusing or frustrating. i wish to help parents prepare their children to become wise and confident decision-makers as they negotiate into an expanding and sometimes confusing world of choices.”

if you would like to ask Faye a question regarding your child, leave a comment below or email me. she will be answering them, and i will be posting them throughout the rest of this month. and i hope to have her as a regular guest on this blog as well. i just cannot tell you enough how wonderful she has been in helping out our family. thank you Faye.


  1. I have known Faye for 12 years. She is very perceptive and wise in her counseling. She has helped me work through some very tough personal challenges. She has also counseled with my children as well. Our family has been blessed to have Faye’s help and support. I consider her a dear friend and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help through life’s challenges.


  2. Anonymous says

    Hi Faye, I am quite interested in the question of HSC’s as well, cos I find my son is probably one of this type of children. Will check this blog for your anwser later.


  3. Audrey, Faye is very excited about your question and will be answering it in my next week question series. She feels it is a very important area to address. Stay tuned for her response!

  4. Audrey says

    I found a book titled The Highly Sensitive Child by Elaine Aron. The personality traits seem to fit with my son’s personality. Have you had experience dealing with HSC’s before? I find it difficult to control the way I react to his reactions.

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