Noon Year’s Eve at the Discovery Science Center

kid’s like to celebrate the New Year just like grown-ups….although i’m really not a fan of them doing the countdown at midnight. i prefer to have them tucked up in their beds. but here’s a fun way to get your kiddies involved in the New Year’s Celebration. it’s a kid’s New Year’s Party at Discovery Science Center….except it at 12 o’clock noon!
Noon Year’s Eve at Discovery Science Center
December 31, 2011
Noon & 2 o’clock p.m. – Guests will adorn themselves with hats, bead necklaces, noisemakers and join Discovery Science Center in a Ginger ale Toast to the ring in the New Year!
check out the fun learning stations that will be at the party!
Alka Seltzer Rocket
witness a chemical reaction and watch gas expand causing a canister to pop and fly in the air!
Paper Poppers
Make a paper popper that lets out a sound as it is thrown with force towards the ground.
Create a tambourine out of paper plates and beans while learning about sound.
Time Zone
Learn about the different time zones around the world.

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