My Lucky Charms are unlucky?

first of all….yes, i buy Lucky Charms for my kids. and yes, i know they aren’t the best thing to feed them. (i can’t help it….i was never allowed sugary cereals when i was little) and i promise that i only buy them on occasion.

because look… Charms are missing! some leprechauns (aka my kiddies) must have swiped them ALL. not one marshmallow left in that box.

so does that make me unlucky!


  1. yes, I do too. But this giant box was on sale for $2.00…so I got it. The kids were like….we get cereal in a box!!!!!

  2. Those darn leprechauns! Hey, I buy the bagged version of those lucky charms at Vons for $2.99 and the kids don’t know the difference.

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