Meet Jen: Guest Blogger.

i was recently introduced to Jen’s blog by my sister. wow! Jen is super creative and does the funnest activities with her kiddies. this summer she is doing activities all based around children’s story books. genius! i asked Jen to write a little about herself so we could all get to know her:

“Hi! My name is Jen. My family consists of my husband, Tyson, and our 3 year old twins, Merrick and Berkleigh. We have lived in Provo, Utah, Walnut Creek, CA, and now we live in Orange County while my husband is in his foot and ankle surgical residency program. We have loved living in Southern California! I was a teacher before the twins came around and taught Kindergarten and Fourth/ Fifth grade combo. I was used to kids everywhere and always being on the go. So… when we had our own kids, I kept up that mentality. We like to celebrate silly holidays like Dr. Seuss’s birthday, and the 40th Anniversary of Mary Poppins. My idea of doing something fun with my kids everyday, started last summer when I realized we live 5 minutes from the beach and don’t take advantage of it as we should!  I decided to do something fun everyday and to try and go to the beach more. It was such a fun summer and so I decided to do it again this summer, but with my kids being older, I decided to link a book with our activity. I have the summer planned and the kids LOVE finding out what the next book will be!

I am flattered to be on Sandy Toes and Popsicles! Jill has such great ideas, and many of our fun days have come from her blog. (Thanks Jill!) So stop by anytime and see what we are up to!”

thanks Jen….we are so excited to have you over here at sandy toes and popsicles

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