Why I LOVE my Knott’s Berry Farm Season Pass

knotts-season-passes-benefits if you have been a fan of Sandy Toes and Popsicles over the years, then you know how much i LOVE Knott’s Berry Farm. i share lots of the fun things the boys and i have experienced at Knott’s throughout every season. the main reason we are able to spend so much time at Knott’s Berry Farm is because we each have a Knott’s Berry Farm season pass. this way we can go to all the events that are happening year round.

we enjoy our time at Knott’s so much, that i am here, trying to convince you that you also need to get annual passes for you family. did you know a Season Pass not only provides park admission to Knott’s Berry Farm all year long, but ALSO include some cool perks? it’s true….there are even more perks to having a Season Pass beyond its great value (and no blackout dates)!!!! check out some of my favorite reasons for owning a Knott’s Season Pass. (continue reading to find an AWESOME giveaway!!!!) knotts-berry-farm-rides

Always Something New to Do

at Knott’s Berry Farm they call it Seasons of Fun because the offerings always change based on the season. during spring, you can head to Knott’s Boysenberry Festival, the best time for food at Knott’s, and a salute to the birthplace of the Boysenberry. it’s a month-long food festival featuring boysenberry-inspired dishes that are both sweet and savory, plus there is a lot of fun, family friendly entertainment. The Best Boysenberry Festival EverBoysenberry Festival in Southern CaliforniaThe Fun Stick at Knott's Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival summertime means Calico comes to life with Ghost Town Alive! making friends with the citizens of Ghost Town and taking part in cowboy shenanigans make for a memorable summer. Ghost Town Alive at KnottsKnott's Ghost Town Alive NewpaperKnott's School House summer also brings fun in the sun for Gold Season Passholders at Knott’s Soak City, where several new water slides are coming. and don’t forget fireworks on the Fourth of July! Knott's-Soak-City fall is the season of Knott’s Spooky Farm, the park-wide, family friendly Halloween celebration with trick-or-treating and fun costumes geared for children. Spooky HollowKnott's Camp Spooky Trick or Treating as winter approaches, Santa Snoopy and dancing lights fill the park for Knott’s Merry Farm. nightly snow fall and festive holiday shows make Christmas time at Knott’s quite charming, special and unique. Knott's Berry Farm Train at ChristmasVann with Santa at Knott'sKnott's Berry Farm Carolers countdown the final moments of the year and ring in the New Year At Knott’s Berry Farm with a spectacular midnight fireworks celebration. Knott's New Years Eve Celebration

all this plus hundreds of special memories are included with your Knott’s Berry Farm season pass!


Season Passholders receive discounts on select merchandise and food and dining throughout the park. and yes, that includes the signature Knott’s jams and preserves. Passholders also receive discounts on tickets to the largest Halloween event in Southern California, Knott’s Scary Farm. knotts-pass-discounts

Early Ride Time

during the summer and select days throughout the year, Season Passholders receive early entry into Knott’s Berry Farm. during early entry, the park is open exclusively to Passholders, which means you can be one of the first in line when the new ride, Sol Spin, opens in Fiesta Village next spring! Gold Season Passholders also receive early entry to Knott’s Soak City on select days in the summer. with early entry, Passholders can get first dibs on the best lounge spots and the first chance to enjoy the new slides opening next year.pony-express-at-knottsKnott's New Ride Voyage to the Iron Reef Lasers

Season Passholder Events

one of the best things about being a Season Passholder is that you will receive exclusive opportunities to attend previews of the Seasons of Fun events. PLUS, Knott’s holds a special Merry Farm preview party for Season Pass holders in November where you get the opportunity to experience all the holiday entertainment and shows before regular park guests. now that is AWESOME! Knott's Berry Farm Snow and Glow there are a million reasons why i LOVE our Knott’s passes, and i hope that you have a chance to enjoy a a season pass as much as my family does. and maybe you will even see us at the park one day. make sure to say “hi” if you do! head over to the Knott’s website and check out the Knott’s Berry Farm season pass options.

{ This is not a sponsored post. Knott’s has provided season passes for the giveaway. All thoughts and opinions are my own. }


  1. I like the Boysenberry punch! That’s all I drink when we go there.

  2. I love the historical aspect to Knott’s. I’ve also always loved their roller coasters!

  3. I love that it is fun for the whole family! There is something for even my littlest to enjoy.

  4. Susan A. says

    I have not been to Knotts in years as my kids have go with their daycamp and there is limited $ to use for things like this. It just has not come up the list of monetary priorities. BUT with this, and only having to purchase 2 passes to match, I think we could figure it out! AND we would get to go as a family… I can only wish. And I have loved your posts about Knott’s. You always look like you are having so much fun!!!

  5. Julie R says

    Haven’t been to Knotts in a couple years but we loved all the rides

  6. Tiffany L says

    Haven’t been to Knotts for a long time, and now that I have my son would love to take him there. Hope I win!

  7. Claudia garcia says

    Haven’t been there i would like for me and my daughter to visit some time

  8. Heather Toller says

    I love Knott’s at Christmas!

  9. I don’t have an answer to what I like most! I only got to go once and had to leave so soon after I arrived, that I barely got to explore the park! The most appealing part of what I know is that the season passes are not full of blackout dates!

  10. Bridget says

    I love that it is s smaller park with less crowds and plenty of options for everyone!!!

  11. Allison carson says

    Knotts ghost town live is my FAVORITE!! We were they like every week last summer and hope to do it again this summer!!!

  12. Erika Radel says

    Ok I think I figured it out! I love that there is something for everyone at Knott’s. I love the old time western feel. It would be so fun to be able to go and experience Knott’s throughout the year!

  13. Teresa Loy-Barclay says

    Hello! My daughter is 5.5 years old and our family has never been to Knott’s Berry! This would be a wonderful opportunity to explore Knott’s and creating new family memories! Happy Holidays to you & your beautiful family!

  14. We love snoopy!!

  15. Viv Jones says

    Definitely considering visiting Knotts after reading this post! Thanks for the great info.

  16. Tamara Pereira says

    How could I live so close to Knott’s and not realize all the seasonal events that they offer? I’m excited to take my family. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity, I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  17. Karina Carlson says

    I love how you can go there and have to make a production of a day. It’s so easy to get in and out of there for a short and fun trip! Next year, I’m hoping to buy my twins passes too, so all 6 of us can enjoy KBF and everything that makes it so special!

  18. Juliana aris says

    Thank you for the opportunity

  19. Jennifer says

    Such an awesome giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity! Would love to win so I can take the babes to Knott’s to visit snoopy!

  20. Aileen says

    We love the relaxed feeling at Knotts.
    We love ghost town.
    We love the shows and the gem store.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  21. Knotts is a great affordable fun place for families!

  22. Rosanne R says

    I haven’t been in maybe 30 years, my almost 8 year old has never been. I’d love to share this great theme park experience with him!

  23. Lindsay says

    I have only been once in the summer. I need to start doing more fun things wth my kids like knotts!!

  24. Victoria O says

    What I love most about Knott’s is the roller coasters and the family fun I have there. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  25. Shawnna Saldana says

    Can’t go to Knotts without having the boysenberry punch and the funnel cake!!!

  26. Tracy Garcia says

    Thanks in advance for the opportunity. My family & I would be blessed to receive this, if we do!!!! Merry Christmas & a happy new, blessed 2017!!!! God bless you!!!!

  27. Sommer says

    This is an awesome give away….I would love to win. My boys love roller coasters!

  28. BarbaraMae says

    Funnel cake! The Chicken Dinner Restaurant and anything drizzled with Boysenberry.

    As a fun bit of trivia, my grandparents had their first date at Knott’s Berry Farm — way back when they still had a Tunnel of Love. 🙂

  29. Angie J says

    I like the kiddie rides section, and my girls always enjoy meeting the peanuts gang.

  30. Celeste Acosta says

    This place is amazingly fun for the whole fam

  31. Wendy R. says

    When I was a kid I loved going to Knott’s Berry Farm better than Disneyland. My dad and I would run over and over and over to get in line for the roller coasters! I remember eating these HUGE nectarines that were so so good and of course, panning for gold… lol! Love it there!!

  32. Brogan says

    This was the place i went as a child, when we couldnt afford disneyland!! Such great memories. So happy knotts continues to be fun and affordable for families. Thank you for your kindness. Such a great giveaway!! I would love to win this to take my daughter…heres to hoping❤

  33. I love everything Boysenberry that I can get my hands on at the park!

  34. Crystal Garcia says

    Knotts!!!!! Love this place and your blog!!! I’ve tried so many of these places and the kids love it!!!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

  35. Katie Beavers says

    What an amazing giveaway! Thank you for your constant kindness and generousity!

  36. Emma Cortez says

    We have passed as well, we love Knotts and Soak City!

  37. Our family of 7 is just missing 2 passes we would love to go as a family!!! Thank you!

  38. Cecilia says

    This is an awesome give away! Love all of the articles!

  39. Kirstin Saunders says

    No blackout dates and entry into the water park!

  40. Kim Hall says

    I would love to win this! Thanks for the opportunity!

  41. Veronica Brewer says

    I love ghost town!

  42. Kortney says

    This is awesome, would love to win these!

  43. Would love to win!!! We love Knott’s

  44. I love that there are no blackout dates!

  45. Tori athey says

    I LOVE camp Snoopy and My daughter does too. I think my favorite thing is the wine tasting during the boysenberry festival

  46. Dustina Johnston says

    I love the fact that not much of Knotts has changed. You still have all the fun of the old west and the peanuts gang. Sure rides come and go but the memories stay.

  47. Julie G says

    I remember going there as a child, and now being able to bring my own kids there is the best! I especially love the ghost town, and the prisoner that “talks” to you. 🙂

  48. Brittney says

    We LOVE the Seasons of fun!

  49. Jenny C. says

    I love how much my daughter loves Snoopy! Her face just lights up when she sees him and it’s the cutest thing ever.

  50. Heather Houlihan says

    Knott’s is a great place for big and small alike. Can’t wait to go again!

  51. Jessica says

    We need to renew so this would be great!

  52. I love the fact that Knott’s is so close to me that I can go any time (plus it’s a little more reasonably priced). It’s full of memories for me too; I’ve been going there since before you had to pay to get in!

  53. Anna Buzzone Barler says

    This is such a great gift to give to others! Knott’s Berry Farm gives back to the community and has always put families first. I love KNOTT’S!!

  54. Christina Wilmer says

    Knotts jams are delicious and coasters are so fun. Thanks!

  55. Sarina Gallon says

    Love Camp Snoopy!

  56. Pamela Williamson says

    Knotts is so much fun! We would love to experience this with our twin boys who are almost 5 years old!

  57. Allison says

    Thanks for the Giveaway. We have been thinking about getting Knotts Season passes for awhile now…this would be awesome!

  58. I have amazing memories with my family as a kid at Knotts. I was always a get a way from our crazy life. Would love to share these passes with my family.

  59. The Christmas ice show is our favorite. We love the “cozy” feel of Knotts. It’s the best!

  60. Alma Lemus says

    I think I entered… anyhow, how fun to have Knott’s passes! 2 greay, local parks with one pass is such a sweet deal. Thanks for the opportunity.

  61. Deb Moretti says

    We love Camp Snoopy! It is so, so cute! My oldest loves the roller coasters.

  62. Alex Robertson says

    I want this

  63. Melissa Leadley says

    I love the country feel of Knott’s!!

  64. Surbhi K. says

    I love meeting the characters and getting picture taken with them, My young kiddos love the Camp Snoopy rides!

  65. Alex Robertson says

    I love the fthero

  66. Sasha Seward says

    What a gret thing to do! I enjoy following your blog and all of your adventures!

  67. Megan Guess says

    We love knotts! The rides,the food, and the shows!

  68. Wrenna Rubio says

    I haven’t been to Knott’s since I was a kid, but I have very fond memories from there. I would love for my own kids to experience Knott’s Berry Farm.

  69. Wrenna Rubio says

    I haven’t been to Knott’s since I was a kid, but would love the opportunity to take my kids. I have very fond memories of going as a child.

  70. Love everything about Knott’s! Especially the chicken and boysenberry punch 🙂

  71. Richel Morgan says

    I love Knott’s! My favorite is the Ghost Town. So fun.

  72. Caroline says

    Funnel cake!

  73. Walking around the Ghost Town

  74. Funnel Cakes❤????

  75. Angela G says

    Looks like too much fun!!

  76. Laura Malcervelli says

    I’ve never been but would love to go. I’m sure my kids would love it.

  77. I wasn’t aware of all the additional perks of the season passes. This would be such a fun treat for our family!

  78. joby garcia says

    We love knotts its so much fun good luck everyone fingers crossed.

  79. Carrie Kleckner says

    Thank goodness for what you do for all of us!!! You share so many great things I can’t even count them all! Hope your family has a blessed Christmas & a happy new year & your bundle of joy comes into this world happy & healthy!

  80. Hilary says

    I love the coasters at knotts. I dont go often but i wentfor knotts scary farm this year and had such a blast. I would like to take my son to experience camp snoopy.

  81. I would love to win these season passes for my sister. Our family has them and I would love my sister and her daughter to be able to join us!
    My favorite thing about Knott’s is seeing how excited my kids get while we are there. Their little faces just light up!

  82. It would be great to experience all Knotts has to offer. Sounds like great family fun!

  83. vicky t says

    We love the atmosphere and honestly that it is an affordable theme park to go to!! My kids loved riding the train and the roller coasters! Thank you for this giveaway, Merry Christmas!!

  84. Jennifer Anderson says

    My family loves Knotts year round, it would be awesome to have annual passes!

  85. Marissa Howard says

    We love that thee are hardly ever lines and so close to home!!

  86. My son loves camp snoopy. I love the funnel cakes. I also like how u can just go and walk around for a couple hours, get on a few rides and go home. I love knotts!

  87. Jim Bohn says

    You have such a great family and I enjoy following you and your ideas. Knots would be great if I was luck to win.

  88. Jenette says

    I haven’t been to Knott’s since I was a kid. I’m sure soon much is different now, but my kids LOVE the Peanuts so I’m sure that would be a highlight for them!

  89. Abby Schuckman says

    We’ve only been once, but Knotts is a blast! All 3 of my kiddos had a great time!

  90. Kristen Watkins says

    I love that it is fun for the whole family. From the 11 month old to the biggest kid (my husband).

  91. Would love to win this for my son and i. Bonding time without the little one.

  92. Sasha Flores says

    This giveaway is awesome. I love Knotts berry farm. We go every year. I love the funnel cake

  93. We would love to win these passes! Crossing our fingers

  94. Jenni C. says

    I love that Knott’s is fun for the whole family. There’s something for everyone!

  95. Vanessa Magdaleno says

    Awesome giveaway! I love love love anything boysenberry!

  96. Donna Larson says

    I love Knotts because it is good clean family fun! There are always new things to see and do there. We love Knotts!

  97. This would be wonderful to win for our two special needs boys. We have never taken them.

  98. I love the down home feeling of knott’s. There’s soooo much to do but it’s not overwhelmingly huge. Their Holiday and events are so fun and festive (spooky farm and merry farm especially). And of course my son LOVES Snoopy and all the Peanuts characters!

  99. I love the

  100. Lindsey Rarey says

    Love that there’s something for all of us! Plus Christmas and New Years are amazing !

  101. Donelle Anderson says

    What I love most about Knotts is all the fun my family and I can have there. Everyone has something they like to do there. I am crossing my fingers that I win!! It would be amazing!!!!

  102. Breanna says

    I haven’t been to Knott’s since high school! I loved the log ride!

  103. Vanessa Montoya says

    What an amazing giveaway! I would ❤ the chance to be able to take my kids to Knott’s! I have fond memories of Knott’s and I would ❤ to create some memorable memories with my kids ???? ???? ????

  104. Lynelle says

    Yay…. now I know how to enter your blog contests. Whoo hoo (feeling joyful)! We love Knotts Berry Farm for the sidewinder ride in Camp Snoopy. When we had passes a couple years ago, my daughter would ask to go on it over and over. I love the Snoopy on Ice show. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!!!!

  105. My family LOVES the Peanuts gang! Knott’s is definitely our favorite place to be in Orange County ????

  106. Inge Gunawan says

    Would love to win this, my kids never been to knots before.

  107. Linda Wilson says

    We love Knotts!! We spent a few hours there today and would love passes for next year!!

  108. Shannon says

    My husband and I had our wedding reception there 20 years ago!! In the big red barn with fried chicken and line dancing….sooo much fun????

  109. Vanessa says

    I love that it’s down the street and i can tackle it alone with my littles!

  110. Mary Jenkins says

    I love the ice show and the train! I have fond memories of them from when I was a kid.

  111. Jennifer K. says

    We love their funnel cake!

  112. I haven’t been to Knott’s Berry Farm since I was a kid. I would love to take my kids now!

  113. Carissa says

    I love that they support our military and first responders. The employees are also very friendly.

  114. Heather says

    I LOVE the convenience of Knotts????❤️ I have 3 Little’s and it is always just an easy, fun filled day! We had season passes a few years ago but haven’t been able to get them as of late. Parking was a breeze, getting into the park was easy, allowing the kiddos to choose where to go next was easy! There was always something fun and new to do!

  115. Jennifer says

    All of the variety!

  116. My favorite thing about Knotts is sharing my memories of going there when I was growing up and now making new ones with my own kids.

  117. Heather says

    This is a fantastic giveaway, my family would love it!

  118. Lyssa eschardies says

    My son and I would love these passes. We are financially strained and have gone through emotional distress. He needs a break, a 6 year old should not worry about things. When we go to knotts the excitement on his face and the fun he has going on new rides hes tall now just melts my heart. It’s a distraction for both of us which is a blessing to just be together.

  119. Our favorite part about Knott’s is that it is low key and not usually crowded, so it is perfect for my special needs child.

  120. Rebecca nunes says

    love your posts…let’s hope I win.

  121. This is an amazing give away! Would be such a blessing to win!

  122. Lupe Garcia says

    I love Knotts, its a local place were I can take my family and enjoy a day out filled with fun and joy while we enjoy a funnel cake.

  123. Barbara says

    My favorite thing about Knotts is sharing in the fun with my children. Knotts has a low key but fun atmosphere that my whole family loves.

  124. Bridgette says

    We are a family of six. These passes would allow us to go!

  125. Alyson Crockett says

    We love Knotts! What a great giveaway!

  126. My daughter and I would love to win passes. Being a single mom can be hard. This would be a wonderful way to keep her entertained and spend many days at Knotts! It’s such a fun place, spent a lot of my teen years there!

  127. Edgar Ontiveros says

    My kids love Camp Snoopy!

  128. Susan C. says

    What a fun time my family would have there!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  129. Athena Balistreri says

    I like Knotts because it still has its classic charm even with the changes that have happened over the years

  130. Diane Karol says

    Super sweet give away! Hoping to win these passes!

  131. Very cool, Knotts is great

  132. Emily Clark says

    That is so fantastic, we love knotts and would love to be able to go as a family! Thank you!

  133. Kirsten says

    Pick me! I have never been

  134. Amy Jorgensen says

    My favorite part is that it is different, exciting to go to. Roller coasters are fun and my son is just getting into them. I would be fun to go for a year with family.

  135. Erin Batezel says

    I love the park. It reminds me of my childhood being there. So happy I get the chance to share that with my own kids too!

  136. I want to win!

  137. Susan Holroyd says

    I love the train at Knott’s! It takes me back to fond childhood memories that I can hopefully make with my kids!

  138. Excited to maybe win these passes! Thanks for your blog, so many fun mom tips for OC!

  139. Jennifer Redman says

    What an awesome give away and perfect Christmas present! Favorite ride is the log ride we LOVE the funnel cakes and of course camp snoopy ????

  140. Amber ledergerber says

    Dream come true.

  141. Julitza R. says

    We love all the OC indie you share, thank you. Hope we get selected. I would love to take my little girl year round.

  142. Katrina says

    I like that Knott’s is great for all ages of kids

  143. Knotts has the best funnel cake! My kids love collecting pressed pennies too!

  144. Elaine sotelo says

    how fun!

  145. Haven’t been in years! I don’t even remember what I like, but I’d love to take my kids and find out!

  146. Alex Bernstein says

    I love the Wild West Stunt Show

  147. The food! You cannot go wrong with the food!

  148. Norma Villasenor says

    My kids like be Knotts.

  149. We would love this. Love knotts!

  150. Sarah O says

    We love Knotts. A lot less crowds and age specific fun!

  151. Shannon Bright says

    We love Knott’s. My husband & I had our first date there & went every year for 25 years until he passed away. My kids & I go every chance we get.

  152. I used to love camp snoopy as a kid. Haven’t been in forever, but can’t wait to take my kiddos now ????

  153. Melissa Kimball Engel says

    I love that there is something for everyone!

  154. Genevieve Larson says

    Funnel cakes………yummy
    The Log Ride- my all time favorite.
    The cowboy and robbers show. It’s awesome.
    Christmas time when they make it snow.
    I love it all!

  155. Sophia Cobb says

    This would be a great Christmas gift for my kids!

  156. Florianne says

    My kids would love a season pass!!! Thanks for the chance!

  157. We haven’t been to Knott’s in a while and we heard about the awesome events as the seasons change. We had wanted to go last year for the holidays but we weren’t able to. It would be great to obtain some passes but due to an unexpected loss in our family, we’re not able to so hope we get a chance..It would be nice to start some memories with my toddler, and daughter. Thanks for this opportunity and God bless you..

  158. Tracey mayebo says

    I love the memories I make with my children…the smiles, the laughter…the fun! We love the rides, 5the boysenberry punch, and the fun atmosphere.

  159. Rori gelfand strever says

    This is an awesome prize!!

  160. Rachelle Babaoka says

    I’ve been going to knots since I was little and I have the best memories there! I miss the boysenberry juice that used to be in the plastic boysenberry container!! Now that we have kids of our own kids we love going over the summer to soak city and at Christmas time!

  161. Gwen Aquino says

    I would LOVE to win season passes as we have not been to Knott’s yet!! And we have been in So Cal for four years!!! (Ahhh. Not sure how that happened!!). Thank you for offering the giveaway!! I love your blog and FB page!!

  162. Sandra Caballero says

    Super awesome !! I love Knotts cause my oldest daughter can ride the rides. Plus the family rides. Which I can bring my youngest daughter with me. The best of all because it’s close to me. We can go often with the season pass.

  163. 🙂 love Knotts

  164. Awesome giveaway! We love Knott’s!

  165. Olivia Bernal says


  166. Itzel Coria says

    I hope I win! My little girl became a big sister to two little brothers and these passes will be great to give her a break once in a while 🙂

  167. Tristyn richie says

    Our son Walker has autism and knotts has just been the perfect place, it’s not to crazy and we know the best times that work for him and he just really loves it

  168. Olivoil says

    Activities all year long … we love Soak city ????????

  169. Tristyn richie says

    What a great contest! We have been passholders for the past two years but sadly won’t be able to get 2017 passes due to finances so this would be an awesome blessing to win .

  170. Nicole Sanchez says

    My family and I love Knott’s berry farm!

  171. janetcrystal says

    My youngest daughter has never been to Knotts. It would be so fun to create memories with her at Camp Snoopy!

  172. Christina Arigan Will says

    I think, I entered the contest? Clicked on the link but couldn’t post a comment below. Crossing my fingers for this giveaway because my eldest son loves roller coasters.

  173. Christine Oates says

    My boys ❤️ Camp Snoopy! My love is for the yummy treats at Knotts????

  174. Bernadette S. says

    I love the old western buildings and feel in Ghost town.

  175. Kathleen James says

    Our family loves that there are rides for everyone and lots of fun shows.

  176. Devon F says

    I love that they have Seasons of Fun! Always something different going on at the park. My family loves Knotts!

  177. I love the rides! Haven’t taken my littles yet, but I think they will love Camp Snoopy. And funnel cakes. 🙂

  178. Teri Martinez says

    I love Knotts at Christmas time! So festive and love Snoopy on ice.

  179. Cristy Johnson says

    What i love about Knotts Berry Farm – Snoopy! And the Log Ride! And the train robbers!!

  180. Erin Sanders says

    Eating a boysenberry topped funnel cake every day would be a dream come true <3

  181. Sarah Garrett says

    This would be awesome for my family to win. We are 6 now and hard to afford passes. Thank you for this opportunity!

  182. Allison says

    This would be amazing if we won. My father-in-law just recently passed away and we are wanting to get a Knotts pass for my mother-in-law so she can have some joy in her life during this very difficult time.

  183. Jon ganahl says

    You never cease to amazeum me. Information and giveaways, too. Thank you.

  184. Miranda H says

    The thing I love most about Knott’s Berry Farm is there is something to do for everyone in my family. We spend all day there! It fun and magical 🙂 The best part is seeing my youngest son visit his favorite Character which is Snoopy. He loves Snoopy!

  185. Jen B. says

    My favorite thing is the Peanuts Christmas Show. ????

  186. Vanessa V. says

    I really like this blog, it is very informational and now it has this great giveaway which I would love to win. Thanks for the opportunity! I LOVE the rides at Knotts Berry Farm, and the characters!

  187. Ryan Gunstream says

    We love knotts! I grew up going to knotts as kids and we have yet to take our own children. We’d love the opportunity to take our own kids and make memories!

  188. Janice Ko says

    I love the Seasons of fun! New things to do all year round is a great perk for pass holders.

  189. Knotts has been really upping their game lately, we’ve found ourselves visiting more and more. Enough that a pass definitely makes sense!

  190. Alicia Steward-Puga says

    We ❤ Knotts!!!

  191. Vanessa V. says

    I really like this blog, it is very informational and now it has this great giveaway which I would love to win. Thanks for the opportunity!

  192. What I love most about Knotts is the more relaxed feel of being at a theme park. It’s not rushed and crowded like other amusement parks. Also love to go with family and enjoy everything qbd we love love snoopy!

  193. Juliana aris says

    So excited!! Our passes expire in a couple of weeks!! ???? We loved going even for a couple of hours

  194. Jenna Clement says

    Would love to win. Haven’t been to Knott’s since high school

  195. Knott’s is a great place for a day of family fun!

  196. Nidia Hinojosa says

    We love the rides, the food and the employees!

  197. Valerie Reyes says

    Knott’s is where my husband took me for my birthday when we first met. So many memories ❤❤

  198. Jamie Moser says

    This is an amazing giveaway!!!! Would be so blessed to win this!

  199. Katybeth says

    The family feeling of it all

  200. Hi! I clicked on the Rafflecopter and it says that the giveaway has not started yet.

    Thanks for the sweet opportunity to win passes!

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