just can’t catch up….

hey all….lookie what i got. twins! but there not mine, they are my littlest sisters. Kaya (5.8 lbs) and Cruz (6.7 lbs), born monday. one of each, and they are sooo precious.

look how big baby looks next to the twins….he’s almost 3 months already *sniff* time moves too quickly. so that makes 4 babies for our family this year. wow! and happy that they have now all arrive safely.

as for me…i have to say i am just out of it. i really think the 3 kid thing is catching up. last year i suffered from a severe lack of vitamin D. it is unbelievable how much that it has to do with your well being. it took me 3 months to get back to normal levels, then i got pregnant. i think i need to check it again now that i have had the baby. after my second baby i got thyrioditis. i am hoping that hasn’t come back.

other than that…all is well. summer has been great. we have been doing swimming lessons for the last 4 weeks, are planning another week of camping at the beach in august, and been trying to find things to keep busy everyday. as for the blogging thing….i am behind. have a lot to share. but i will soon.

hope you all are enjoying your summer too! any fun ideas you want to share????


  1. WOW…twins…congrats to your sister!!!

  2. Adorble! So many twins lately! She looks fabulous:-)

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