Internet shopping tips: part 1

i heart the internet. i love blogging, i love reading blogs, i love searching for something and finding it on the net, and most of all i heart shopping on the internet. (which has been very little in the past year). however, when i do need to purchase something, after i have done my research and know what i want to get, i usually can find it cheaper on the internet than in the stores. and lately, pretty much every store is offering some sort of coupon and free shipping, so why not by online.

for instance, a few years ago i REALLY wanted a Peg Perego Aria double stroller for my two boys. it was $300 in the stores, and i couldn’t justify buying it. but i found a seller on ebay who sold a brand new one to me for $160 with free shipping AND it was shipped directly from the factory. and on top of that, i went through Mr. Rebates and got 1% back in cash.
me and one of my besties know all about getting deals on the web. we are experts. IMO. so today, and in the next couple of days, i want to share some tricks to save you money.
tip #1: Mr. Rebates
Mr. Rebates - Cash-Back Online Shopping, Coupons and More!
if you haven’t heard of online site Mr. Rebates, you NEED to. it’s the easiest way to get some cash back for your online purchases, and they also do offer the lastest coupon codes for the stores they sponsor.
here is how it works:
1) 1st you register your email address with Mr. Rebates. now you are all set to get money back!
2) Now when you want to buy something from a store online, do a search on Mr. Rebates to see if they sponsor that store. There are thousands in their data base.
3) When you find the online store you want, click on it and a window will pop up with the percentage of cash back that store is offering (usually around 4%) and current coupons. the main window will redirect to the store of your choice.
4) Now all you have to do is shop and checkout as normal. Just make sure that you don’t direct yourself to another site and come back. Mr. Rebates tracks your purchase and will put a percentage of your sales into your Mr. Rebates account. when you have earned enough money, you can request it to sent to you as a personal check or put into your Paypal account.
it is as simple as that. and as a bonus, if you refer friends, you will get 20% of there percents back into your account. so i am making out. i make money on my spending and my friends, hee hee. so go check it out. your on your way to becoming a successful online shopping junkie!

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