holiday family traditions: part 3

now i am sure that this is a tradition for many people….and probably not by choice. but I can not remember a Christmas when i was a child and did not get an orange in the toe of my stocking. i mean does Santa have a trailor attached to his sleigh to bring all those oranges from the North Pole?

i wonder who started this tradition? so i did a little research and found this story. here is an exert “In my childhood years in the Great Depression, getting an orange for Christmas was special. Our local stores had citrus fruit only at Christmas time. Apples were always plentiful, and therefore nothing special, yet appreciated.” you can read the full story here.

i have not carried on the tradition of the oranges with my kiddies. mainly because i forgot, but i came across these cute stickers on the blog Giver’s Log, and i thought they were so cute. straight from Santa’s orchards! so now i am thinking that i need to go get some oranges. there’s is a free downloadable template on Giver’s Log to make your own orange stickers. click here for the file. it’s the little things that make Christmas magical in a child’s eyes.

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