Heritage Park Play Island

If you are looking for a super fun park to take the kiddies, I have to suggest Heritage Park in Cerritos. it is like no other park i have been to. well maintained and very clean. And the cool thing about it, is that it has it’s own adventure island. Yep an island with a little play village. and even better, it’s free.

On Heritage Park Island there is a ship, merchant shops, a church and school house. and in these little buildings are monkey bars and slides! there are also secret passage ways, a moat of water surrounding the island where you can find turtles (we found 16!), a waterfall with koi fish and canons to pretend your invading this colonial village! the park is open at all times, but the island is only open from 10:00 a.m. – to dusk.
Here are some pictures from our visit…
We had a great time enjoying this park and hope to go back soon!
happy playing,
jill, jack & kyle


  1. this park is great, even across many ages. My 12 year old still has fun there with his friends. Some of the metal on the playground gets pretty hot in the middle of the day. have you ever played in the dolphin fountains outside the cerritos library? they also have a huge aquarium inside and a huge children’s area

  2. Omigosh, such a cool park!!!! Hope it’s not going to be affected too much by the budget cuts for parks and recreation in California!


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