Heritage park. Re-post

just in case you missed this post last year, i wanted to remind you to visit one of my favorite parks in Orange County. Heritage Park in Cerritos this summer. take a picnic and enjoy an afternoon with the kiddies.

if you are looking for a super fun park to take the kiddies, i have to suggest Heritage Park in Cerritos. it is like no other park i have been to. well maintained and very clean. and the cool thing about it, is that it has it’s own adventure island. yep an island with a little play village. and even better, it’s free.

on Heritage Park island there is a ship, merchant shops, a church and school house. and in these little buildings are monkey bars and slides! there are also secret passage ways, a moat of water surrounding the island where you can find turtles (we found 16!), a waterfall with koi fish and canons to pretend your invading this colonial village! the park is open at all times, but the island is only open from 10:00 a.m. – to dusk.

we had a great time enjoying this park. here are the pictures.
for more information about Heritage Park click here.
for directions, click here.

happy playing,
jill, jack & kyle

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