Guest Post: Balboa Island Ferry

written by Jen Scott
“Summer is here! I tried to do something fun everyday with my kids last year. We had a blast.
Well this year they are a little older, and I wanted to do the same thing but with a twist. I can’t do the same thing twice… so I thought about when I taught kindergarten. LOTS of days during the week, but especially Friday Fun Days, we would read a special book and do an activity that went along with it, or Interactive Literature. So I decided that is what we would do this summer.
We will read a book everyday, and do an activity that goes along with the book…75 days, 75 books, 75 activities!
Today we read The Story About Ping.

The story about a duck who lives on a boat. One day the boat leaves him when he’s out looking for food. That’s when his adventure begins. So we decided to ride the Balboa Island Ferry. We looked for Ping and his boat.

They did find old fishing boats, a tug boat, a barge, and this little motor boat, but not “Wise eyed boat”.

They checked to make sure Ping wasn’t hiding under the water…

The twins thought they found Ping from far away, I just went with it, because it was really a sea gull!
It was fun! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s book!”


Balboa Island Ferry

ferries leave every few minutes

sunday – thursday: 6:30 a.m. to midnight,
friday and saturday nights until 6:30 a.m. to 2 a.m.
summer hours:
6 am to 2 am daily

car and driver: $2.00;

car and driver: $2.00;
motorcycles and mopeds: $1.50
adult with Bicycles: $1.25
children with bicycles $.75
adults: 1.00 cents, children 5-11 $.50, children under 5: free

a five-minute ferry ride to Balboa Island, in the middle of Newport Bay, transports visitors into a precious island village chock full of charm and friendly locals.

click here for directions and information.


  1. How do you find the books that link well to your activities? You can e-mail me at if needed.

  2. Love Jen Scott! Love the idea!


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