The Great Park Balloon Jack-O-Lantern

great-park-orange-balloon-pumpkinwe are so excited each year to see the Great Park Balloon dressed up for Halloween. each year the Orange County Great Park transforms the giant orange balloon into a happy Jack-o-lantern. there’s just something fantastical about a giant flying orange pumpkin. and getting some awesome Halloween pictures has become a tradition for my boys and I.
great-park-orange-balloon-halloween if you walk around to the back of the Great Park Balloon, you can get some fun pictures like these. we went after school and it was so peaceful and quiet. we took a picnic lunch and sat around and enjoyed the view. not many people were there and we had the whole park to ourselves….AND the giant Jack-O-Lantern! so very cool.great-park-orange-balloon-jack-o-lanternHappy Halloween!



  1. Awesome! I was going to head up to my parent’s house tomorrow and on our way I was going to stop there for some photos. We drove up last Thursday night but couldn’t stop because the kids were asleep so I am for sure hoping to stop there tomorrow, love seeing that orange jack o lantern on the drive.

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