Fun at the Aquarium of the Pacific

The week before school started, we realized that we still hadn’t gone to the Aquarium of the Pacific this summer, so off to the Aquarium of the Pacific we went. the boys wanted to invite their friends to our last summer adventure, and they had a blast together. not only was the aquarium a perfect choice of plans for a hot summer day, we enjoyed every moment of our outing. there is something mesmerizing about watching the beautiful fish and ocean life swim around in their spacious tanks.

We saw happy crabs…

Sea apples…

And baby sharks developing in their egg pods. so awesome that i’d have to say this was one of my favorite exhibits.

It was fun to see divers feeding the fish in the tanks, even if they were acting a bit silly!

The Aquarium of the Pacific’s new Penguin Habitat was fun to see….

We said hello to lots of these guys.

And we also got to touch some rays.

And some jellies!

Our last stop of the day was at the Lorikeet Forest. we got to feed them…

And they jumped on our shoulders. and one silly Lorikeet flew on my head and tried to take my barrette. but i’ll save that picture for another day.

And lastly, some big news…The Aquarium of the Pacific’s first Harbor Seal born at the aquarium has just been put on exhibit! we’d like you to meet…

{ photo credit }
And she is 4 months old!

Wanna meet her and the rest of the amazing sea life at the Aquarium of the Pacific?
here’s the info…

Aquarium of the Pacific
100 Aquarium Way
Long Beach, CA 90802

click here for more information.

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