My First Experience at a Foot Volley Tournament

california_foot_volley_tournamentLast Friday, i got to enjoy something i have never heard of or experienced before, a foot volley tournament. i was invited to the Huntington Beach pier by Frontier SoCal to watch the California Foot Volley Championships and check out all the happenings during the games. and since the hubby doesn’t usually work Fridays, we try to have date-days on Fridays. so it was the perfect chance for us to get away and enjoy the SoCal sun.popsibleblog_at_foot_volley_game_Huntington_beachI am so glad we went, because it ended up being the perfect day to head down to the beach. the sky was the brightest shade of blue, the weather was perfect with just a gentle breeze, the waves were a shimmering emerald green, and there was an awesome vibe in the air at the pier on Huntington Beach’s Main Street. 
Huntington_beach_palm_treesHuntington_beach_main_streetwaves_at_huntington_beachPlus i got to experience foot volley for the first time. If you haven’t heard of foot volley like i hadn’t, let me tell you what it is. Foot Volley is played on the sand, and on a volleyball court. but the players do not use their hands….they kick the ball with their feet and bounce it off their chest and head. It’s more like soccer. So, i guess you would say it’s a soccer/volleyball mix.huntington_beach_foot_volley_ballhuntington_beach_foot_volley_tournamentplaying_foot_volleyfoot_volley_tournament_huntington_beach_pierChad_Parkin_at_Foot_Volley_tournamentDuring one of the foot volley games, we headed up onto the pier to get a better look. We also enjoyed watching the surfers and the crashing waves.
Walking_on_the_huntington_Beach_pierplaying_foot_volley_in_huntington_beachHuntington_beach_piermikasa_frontier_communications_sponsorshuntington_beach_surfingFinally, we stopped by the Frontier Communications booth to check out how they are serving the SoCal community. they were all set up to bring the best coverage to the California Foot Volley Tournament. From TV and internet, to phone and security, FiOS has everything you need to keep you and your family connected. FiOS availability is increasing every day with lightning-fast network. their plans have you covered with plenty of bandwidth and fast speeds on all of your devices, even when everyone is online at the same time…which was totally the case at the Huntington Beach Pier. It’s a happening place to be!

I was excited to learn that FiOS service can make your uploads as fast as your downloads, so you enjoy faster internet, sharper TV images, quicker gaming, and a better home phone connection than ever. plus, they have security services working to keep everything safe and sound even when you’re not around.

frontier_communications_boothfrontier_communications_television_line_upThe hubby and i had a great time checking out the California Foot Volley Tournament and enjoying the beautiful sunshine at the beach. I can’t believe i have never heard of the Foot Volley sport before now. it’s pretty exciting. plus, it isn’t often that we get to go to the beach without kids. If you have the chance to have a date without kids….this is the place to go. we are so lucky to live where we live. Tnd thank you Frontier SoCal for keeping us covered with plenty of bandwidth and fast speeds on all of our devices so i could share the foot volley excitement with my readers.foot_volley_tournamentfrontier_communications_truck

{Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own }

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