Father’s Day Gifts: Idea #4

friday night, our family decided to go to the mall and walk around. just a way to get out and burn some little boy energy. a trip to the pet store, a chocolate dipped ice cream cone at DQ and a visit to the knife store (not my thing…but i guess it appealed to my hubby and kiddies), did the trick. i got away for a quick second to window shop at a few stores. i saw these fun books at the Hallmark store, recordable story books. they had about 12 different choices, but what caught my eye was one just for grandpas. i was thinking what a great idea, i can never think of anything for my grandpa, and always end up getting him a gift certificate for a car wash.
i love things you can record your kiddies voices on. i like to buy the Christmas ornaments that you can record on. last year my grandma had one that i gave her when my oldest was 3 years old. when i played it…i almost cried. his voice was so cute….so little….so precious. it’s amazing how much it has changed, and how blessed i felt that it was captured on the little ornament.
and i can not even tell you how devastated i was when he ran over and played with the buttons and deleted the message. (that’s boys for you). that is the best things about these books. there is a lock that saves your recording for always. so sweet.
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