Father’s Day Gifts: Idea #2

what is Father’s Day without getting daddy a tie. over here, our daddy gets a special tie each year. it is decorated with love…and a whole lot of glitter. and we make sure that he wears it all day! ha, ha.

be sure to make your daddy a tie this year…paint, feathers, pictures, hand prints, glitter, pom poms, pipe cleaners and beads are what will make the tie look the best on your daddy.

here is ours from 2008, i can’t find a picture from 2009. we will post the tie we make this year shortly. they get better every year!


  1. I let the kids paint the tie first so that all the print on the fabric is covered up, then I let them lay the different items on the tie where they wanted to put them. Then I used the hot glue gun to stick everything in place. You could also use that fabric glue you get in the fabric store. I think there is a fast drying kind. I always see Martha Stewart using it.

  2. that is so cute!!! ok im kind of lame..but what kind of glue did you use to get the items on the tie?

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