Elephant Walk

i have been debating about posting this activity all week. mostly because i have never done it before. but i met a mom on our trip to San Clemente that told me it was so fun. the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey CircusElephant Walk.”

since the circus is coming to the OC on wednesday, they gotta bring all the circus animals and equipment by train to the Honda Center. well….the elephants have to get from the train to the Honda Center somehow, so they walk them down the street from the train drop-off to the Honda Center. people can sit along the curbs and watch!

the main reason i haven’t posted it until now, was because it has actually been hard to find information about this event, i figure they like to keep it somewhat low key. and because a lot of times PETA does protesting when the circus comes to town.

however, i got some inside information that the “Elephant Walk” is tomorrow! july 26, 2010 at 12:30 p.m. and the elephants walk down Cerritos Street and Douglas Street to the Honda Center. i know that the train can arrive a little early or a little late, so take that into consideration. and since i have never been….i am not sure about parking. (i assume you park on the street and walk down to Douglas Street)

we are going….i think the kids are going love it.

here are directions.
here is a link to last years elephant walk.
{image via }

Disclaimer: i apologize in advance if any of this information is wrong.


  1. oooh, can’t wait! thanks!

  2. ok the cutest part of the video you linked to was the fact that the elephants were holding onto each others tails!

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