The Discovery Cube Pumpkin Launch

Discovery Cube Pumpkin Launch Eventevery year the boys and i look forward going to the Annual Discovery Cube Pumpkin Launch at Cal State Fullerton. it’s just one of the awesome FREE events that Discovery Cube OC offers to the community. families from all over Southern California attend to see pumpkins launched through the air by teams competing for the record of launching the most pumpkins – the farthest and closest to the targets. it’s quite a show, and very entertaining.

Discovery Cube Pumpkin Launch Contestthis year was no exception. we went last weekend and had a great time. i was allowed to go behind the security ropes and snap a few pictures of the teams getting their pumpkin launchers ready to launch pumpkins into the air.Discovery Cube Pumpkin Launch Targetsit’s very competitive and interesting to watch the details gone into each pumpkin launcher.Best Orange County Free Events
teams from all over competed.

Best Orange County Kids Events Discovery Cube Pumpkin Launch Contestants besides watching pumpkin fly through the air, there are also lots of stations for kids to do science experiments and crafts, bounce houses, medieval exhibits and more! Jack, Kyle and Vann really enjoyed making Marshmallow Catapults. Best Orange County Kid Science Events the Discovery Cube volunteers helps all the kids build their catapults. they were so helpful and patient.Discovery Cube Pumpkin Launch Activitiesthen it was time to launch those marshmallows!Discovery Cube Pumpkin Marshmallow Launcherscheck out this lava lamp Vann made! you put in an Alkaseltzer tab and what the green bubbles dance.Discovery Cube Pumpkin Launch Crafts

and Kyle really enjoyed trying to make a tin foil boat to hold as many marbles as possible. what i love about the Discovery Cube Pumpkin Launch is that they make learning fun for kids…like a game. they get kids brains working and learning. it’s the best kind of family event.

Discovery Cube Pumpkin Science Experiements

plus…lots of great food trucks also attended the Discovery Cube Pumpkin Launch. you can find the yummiest food at our OC food trucks. Discovery Cube Pumpkin Launch Food Truckswhat a great day!!!!  that wraps up a great Saturday at the Discovery Cube Pumpkin Launch. as you can see the boys had a great time….and are still as silly as every. hopefully, next year you can attend it. be on the lookout. the Discovery Cube Pumpkin Launch happens the first weekend in November each year.

Kids Have Fun at Discovery Cube Pumpkin Launch


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