Where to Buy the Best Bulk Popsicles in the OC

old-fashion-popsicles-orange-countyi have a thing for popsicles. i love them….how they taste, how they’re cold and refreshing and especially how fun and colorful they are. a treat on a stick, what’s better than that. in fact…that’s probably why i named my blog “Popsicle Blog!”

most everyone loves popsicles, and has a favorite. mine happens to be the good ole’ Bomb Pop. but they aren’t that easy to find, at least not the large old fashion ones. there are smaller versions in the local grocery stores, but they aren’t the same and certainly don’t taste the same or as good. to get them, you have to go to a popsicle distributor or someone who gets them from a popsicle distributor like the ice cream man, ice cream truck, or at an amusement park.

well, look no more. i know where you can get the best popsicles in Orange County. Deelite Distribution in Fullerton has them. They sell wholesale to the public, and they have the best variety around. they are the biggest distributor in Southern California outside of Los Angeles.deelite-popsicle-wholesale-orange-countyand when i tell you they have the best variety….i’m telling the truth!  just look at some of the options. this is better than the ice cream truck, because this is where the ice cream truck gets their ice cream.best-popsicles-in-orange-countyso many choices, from ice cream sandwiches, icees, snow cones, character pops, big sticks, helados, ice cream cups to my favorite, bomb pops.popsicle-store-orange-countythere were almost too many choices to decide. but the boys and i picked a bunch of our favorites and stocked our freezer with hundreds of popsicles.ice-cream-truck-popsicle-wholesale-orange-county

the prices are great for the size of these popsicles, anywhere from $.30-$.60 per popsicle. around $1.00 for the more specialty ones. you can also get dry ice and bags of ice there.


at the beginning of the summer we loaded our freezer, and we still have lots left. it has been fun sharing our bounty with friends. they can’t believe their eyes when we show them our stash. i have also been taking boxes of them to parties and playdates.


as you know, my favorite were the Bomb Pops…but who knew there were so many varieties. so far we have tried the original, watermelon, hawaiian punch, tongue splashers, and my absolute favorite, banana fudge.old-fashion-bomb-pop-popsiclesbomb-pops-popsicles

they boys choice Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pops….

teenage-mutant-ninja-turtle-popsiclesand the hubby got these great Blue Bunny ice cream bars in Oreo Cookie crunch, strawberry shortcake crunch and sundae crunch. they are sooooo good.
popsicle-wholesale-orange-countywe even got a bunch of Helados (Mexican popsicles) and orange dream bars.popsicles-bulk-storehaving popsicles around the house this summer has been fun.


Deelite Distribution in Fullerton is open to the public, so if you are looking to for some fun treats, head on over. they only take cash, so don’t forget about that. and also make sure there is space in your freezer before you come back with too many boxes of popsicles. i also have set rules for my kids. only one popsicle a day, and they have to be very very careful not to leave the freezer open. we don’t want all our popsicles to melt.

now go buy some popsicles!


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