Candy! Fun at Powell’s Sweet Shoppe

yesterday i took the kiddies to Powell’s Sweet Shoppe. talk about the candy jackpot! my kiddies were in junk food heaven.
the store was filled wall-to-wall with gobs of candy. every kind you can imagine. from all over the world.
everywhere you looked, candy, candy, candy. they also had fun vintage toys and novelty items from the good ole’ days! older than me *wink*
the kiddies had a blast. how could they not? and for a treat at the end, of course, some candy. i gave them an allowance of $3.00 to pick out what they wanted. it seemed like it took ages for them to pick. they were so thoughtful in their choices. with barrels of candies for .10 to .25 cents each, and bins of bulk candy, and of course bars and boxes, there was plenty to choose from.
if you would like to visit Powell’s Sweet Shoppe check out their website for locations. there are 2 locations in the Southern California.
also, an added bonus is, they have some great reward programs. my favorite is a reward certificate your kiddies can earn by doing chores. you can come in once a month with your reward certificate and get one of the candies on the certificate for free. a great reward for parents to give the kiddies!
click here for the reward charts.
click here for locations.


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