a great weekend for making Valentine’s

well, since the weather has made going outside a lot harder, i was thinking that i might as well let the kids start making their Valentine’s this weekend. i was going to wait and post Valentine’s Day projects until February, but i might as well start now. afterall there is only 3 weeks until the big day.

there are a lot of great sites that give you ideas for making you own Valentine’s Day cards. i usually just let my kiddies pick out there favorite box at Target. but this year, i want to spend some time crafting with them. we will be heading over to Michael’s this weekend to stock up on glitter and stickers. Jill Parkin Designs has left me with heap and mounds of paper scraps. and they might as well get used.

on Disney’s Family websites  ( Family Fun & Disney Family ) i came across such cute Valentine’s Day card ideas inspired by their Disney characters. here are some of my favorites.

and there are much more. click here and here for more Valentine’s Day ideas. you have to click around to find all the cool ideas. and have fun creating these fun cards with your kiddies!


  1. Can we come over for a craft playdate :-)?

  2. You should make some adorable Valentine’s YOUR style. Like custom and show us how. They would be so cute!!

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