A Day on the Beach in a Pacific Edge Hotel Bungalow

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imagine spending the day enjoying this breathtaking view. turquoise water, crashing waves, sunshine and warm sand. that was my day a few weeks ago. it was heavenly. growing up in the OC, i am definitely a beach girl. we re so lucky to have many beaches to enjoy. Laguna beaches are among some of my favorite…the beauty of the rocky cliffs paired with clear blue waters make them really special. on this particular day, i was treated to a day at the Pacific Edge Hotel Bungalows, which are located on the Laguna Beach sands overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The Bungalows are part of the Pacific Edge Hotel where i have stayed before…you can check out my stay here.


the Pacific Edge Hotel Bungalows are stylized oceanfront indoor/outdoor daytime spaces that offer a unique beach experience. they are perfect for any social gathering, from corporate meetings, bridal showers, baby showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, or a “daycation” with friends and family. anyone can rent them daily from the Pacific Edge Hotel.

Laguna Beach Hotellaguna_beach_bungalow_rental

each Pacific Edge Bungalow includes a comfortable living room that overlooks the ocean, a VIP Bungalow Host, Air conditioning, flat screen televisions, direct access to the hotel’s private beach, a private bathroom with shower, bar area, valet parking, catered food and beverages, and a private deck area. they are fully private with keyed access from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. a beach attendant will be available to set up lounge chairs, day beds, umbrellas, and beach towels you can work, play, or just get away at The Bungalows at Pacific Edge Hotel.

it would be so fun to rent one for the day with a couple families or girlfriends. Bungalow day rates start at $250 for weekdays and $450 on weekends, not including food & beverage minimums, and are subject to availability. (rates also vary by season)

Laguna Beach Rental

and all The Bungalows are uniquely decorated and sponsored by a local OC company. each featuring a signature design and atmosphere courtesy of one unique brand: Billabong, Fox, Gorjana Griffin, Sailor Jerry and the all-new XS Bungalow. details on each can be found here. rent one Bungalow for up to ten guests, or reserve all five for a very special oceanfront event.

Pacific Edge Laguna Party Room

Pacific Edge Laguna Bridal Shower Room

Pacific Edge, a Joie de Vivre property, is a prime oceanfront retreat — You literally cannot get any closer to the water’s edge. so while you enjoy your stay, you can lounge on 280 feet of private beach property in the heart of downtown Laguna Beach.the kids frolicked on the sand and dipped their sandy toes in the waves. it doesn’t get much better than that.

Pacific Edge Laguna Beach Family Hotel

if you love the Bungalows as much as i do, you might want to join the Bungalow Beach Club. this way you can live like a local, and beach like a VIP! Member Benefits include: VIP discounted access to Bungalows20% discount off guest room bookings, complimentary valet on each visit (up to 10 vehicles), and a welcome amenity each visit, unlimited non-alcoholic beverages, free Wi-Fi and more!

while you are staying in the Bungalows, you have access to The Deck, the only open-air, beachside restaurant in Laguna Beach. you can order food from from The Deck from you personal Beach Attendant (food is an additional charge). let me tell you, the food is amazing. The Deck on Laguna Beach brings together coastal culinary creations featuring the freshest seafood and cocktails including California wine and beer. just check out just some of great menu items we enjoyed…

a fresh caprese salad… Best Salad Deck On Laguna

this burger! drool.Best Orange County BurgerBest Burger Deck On Lagunaand homemade cheesecake with fresh berries!Best Cheesecake Deck On Lagunahe doesn’t like it at all!!!! LOLFamily Hotel in Laguna Beach

the boys an i thoroughly enjoyed our “Daycation” at the Pacific Edge Bungalows. sometimes all you need is some fresh ocean air, sunshine and a little pampering to help you destress and relax. i love where we live.Pacific Edge Beach RentalsPacific Edge Beach Bungalows

{disclosure: I was an invited guest of the Pacific Edge Hotel. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. I loved staying in the Pacific Edge Hotel Bungalows.}

Pacific Edge Beach Bungalows View



  1. Amy Cordova says

    I need a staycation so bad. For the last couple of years I’ve been my dad’s only caregiver. I have two amazing kiddos that live at home and my awsome husband. Now that my dad is on Hospice and nurses come in the house to help, it would be a wonderful time to visit such a beautiful place to bond with my family and re-engerize. #pacificedgelaguna #giveaway

  2. Florianne says

    Who wouldn’t want a nice relaxing day on the beach… in a private bungalow, sand in your toes, the sun in your face and sea breeze flowing through your hair…Um HELLO!? I WOULD! 🙂 #PacificEdgeEscape #giveaway

  3. Jeff Campbell says

    We would so love this. We don’t get out on our that much as parents because we don’t have enough family locally to watch the kids but this would be something we would love to do with them and bring some of our friends and their kids. #pacificedgeescape #giveaway #pacificedgelaguna

  4. I have triplets who are 7 and an 8 year old and we oh-so-desperately need a staycation. Summer is almost over and it’s gone by FAST. We haven’t been able to afford a summer vacation because we’ve had medical bills that have kicked our butt this year. We’d love to spend a day at the beach!

  5. Jessica Rosenstein says

    Gosh!!! This would be awesome to be able to spend the last week of Sidney’s summer vacation going here! Would love some one on one time with her before school starts in a few weeks.

  6. Genevieve Larson says

    My hubby and I both work full time. We have 4 kids. It would be great to have time together and this hotel looks amazing !!!

  7. ana b says

    Would love to win this daycation for my family. We don’t get a chance to do things like this.

  8. shannon R says

    Work and taking care of 2 VERY active boys is so exhausting. Would love to go do a daycation at the beach and make great memories with my family #PacificEdgeEscape#giveaway

  9. Christine says

    just spent 4 days in OC for the first time while my husband started a new program. I’m in love-we took your suggestions and it was amazing for myself and my 2 year old. Daddy’s birthday is Aug 8- would love to give him something special to show my gratitude for what he does for us. Thanks for making this possible!

  10. steve weber says

    I work waaay too much.. I DEFINITELY need a daycation – plus it would be nice to head to California – I live in Wisconsin #PacificEdgeLaguna #giveaway

  11. Diane Karol says

    This would be amazing to win!! I’m a stay at home mom and our kids love love the beach. It would be amazing to suprise my Hubby with this daycation!

  12. DIan Karol says

    This wold be amazing to win! I’m a stay at home mom and our kids love love the beach! To suprise my hubby with this would be AWESOME!

  13. bridget says

    #pacificEdgeescape#givaway I am a single mm to an energetic 5 year old. We would love this opportunity!!!

  14. Julie says

    The Pacific Edge Bungalow looks amazing. What a great place to spend the day with family

  15. Julie G. says

    I have a daughter that is almost 16 and we need to do something special for her birthday! This would be perfect! Something our whole family could enjoy, and a few of her friends! #PacificEdgeLaguna #giveaway

  16. Susan A says

    This looks lovely and so relaxing.. with the kids still getting to be active! The Live, Love, Layer on the wall is brilliant! My 2 boys would be in heaven. We work many weekends and they have been complaining we haven’t even made it to the beach yet and it is almost August! Also, thanks for posting as my family asks where to stay when they come into town.. This looks perfect!

  17. Ellen S. says

    Need a vacation before the kids go back to school! #PacificEdgeEscape & #giveaway

  18. I have stayed at Pacific Edge Hotel several years ago when my husband worked for Joie de Vivre Hotels. It’s a beautiful location and The Deck is a great spot to eat! I’d Love to return with family for the day!

  19. Kayley says

    I need a staycation because I haven’t had a real vacation in over 2 years and would appreciate the opportunity to relax. I’d also use the time to write. #PacificEdgeLaguna #giveaway

  20. Erin Ellis says
  21. Genevieve Larson says

    I am pooped….need a vacation……….lol…………..looks amazing. Would love to take my 4 kids, hubbys and a few friends.

  22. I just helped family move this weekend and I could so use a day at the Pacific Edge Hotel to chillax #PacificEdgeLaguna

  23. Grace Brown says

    This looks like an amazing way to hang out at the beach. It’s like a glamourous cabana!

  24. Sirpa says

    This place looks like a piece of heaven on Earth! My heart sings to the ocean and beach! I have been wanting to take my four kids to a nice beach hotel/inn for a little outing, but they all seem to be out of our budget. Wish someone could come up with a budget friendly, yet stylish FAMILY beach inn!

  25. Christie Wilks says

    Wow, this is so cool, would make a great way to celebrate my upcoming birthday! #PacificEdgeLaguna #giveaway

  26. itself calleja says

    Amazing giveaway!! Beautiful place to enjoy with my to kids, husband and friends!!

  27. Angela G says

    We are big beach lovers but this would be the ULTIMATE beach day!! My family would take full advantage of everything this place has to offer!

  28. Jenni C. says

    Would love to spend some quality time with my boys and husband before the summer ends. #PacificEdgeLaguna #giveaway

  29. Jenni C. says

    Would love to spend some quality time with my boys and husband before the summer ends. #PacificEdgeLaguna

  30. Danielle Louise Lowe says

    Well … Over a year ago while living in Texas, I received a phone call and was told my gramma was very sick and may not be around for more than two weeks.
    My son and I (single parent) dropped everything and drove out to California. We arrived on Mother’s Day 2014 and have been here ever since. We have all worked really hard toward helping with rehabilitation and have made a little progress our other focus is to make sure she is as comfortable as possible.
    My gramma is 82 years old and even though the beach is only an hour and a half away, I don’t think she’s seen it in person for probably 40 years. You see, she has worked 2-3 jobs her whole life and always put other peoples needs before her own.
    My son, my gramma and myself sure could use a bit of respite from the daily stress and worry.
    This has been one of the toughest years of my life. Being a full time caregiver is one of the most difficult jobs I’ve ever had, emotionally and physically.
    I would love to see my grandmother smile and enjoy a full day at the beach and this situation would be perfect. Out of the direct sunlight and inside with air conditioning, yet still able to enjoy being there.
    If I could afford it I would pay for us to go myself but I’ve spent every bit of savings over the last year while taking care of my family.

    #PacificEdgeEscape #Giveaway #giveaway

  31. Angelique says

    Awwww this looks amazing, would love to take my boys and enjoy a day in a bungalow…..Ooh this would actually be great for my sons birthday party???

  32. Jasmine Hartwell says

    This place looks amazing! I would love to win this for my family and I. We’ve had a tough first half of 2015, a lot of losses…but we remain optimistic and work hard to change our present so our future will be brighter. This staycation would be a great respite from the grind we are facing! Here’s hoping!

  33. Marguerite H says

    The beach is where I go to heal. We lost my beautiful mom this summer, and I know my sweet little family could use it!

  34. Julie Smith says

    A daycation sounds amazing! I know my family would have a blast!!!

  35. Kathleen L says

    Wow, what a great place! This would be a super fun adventure for our family!

  36. My trip to Hawaii got canceled. 🙁
    Pacific Edge Take Me Away, even if its just for the day!!!
    #PacificEdgeEscape #giveaway

  37. Pauline S says

    sweet deal! whooo hoooo!

  38. Jen F says

    What a gorgeous place! I love the beach and this would make a trip ten times better!

  39. Lacey Hann says

    My family would love this! We never get to go on vacations ever. Our last vacation was 5+ years ago. This would be as close as a vacation we would get! Please pick us! We are a special needs family and our year has not been the greatest. This would be so awesome. We deserve this lovely day getaway! Crossing our fingers 🙂 #PacificEdgeLaguna #PacificEdgeEscape #giveaway

  40. Anna Barler says

    This is such a GREAT giveaway!!! I hope to win…{{{crossing my fingers, saying a little prayer}}}

  41. Monica Jacklin says

    This looks amazing! I would love to win a Daycation to be able to spend the day with my husband and kiddos at the beach! Daddy hasn’t been able to go with us yet this summer. Work has been busy. #PacificEdgeEscape #Giveaway

  42. Joannie Christofer says

    This would be just awesome. After the last year and a half this would be a great day for our family! I’m pooped! This is would great.

  43. Jodi Villalobos says

    This would be awesome to win! I absolutely love laguna, and have never been here. We don’t go to the beach too often, my daughter is allergic to cold water (cold urticaria ), so it depends on the water temperature. This would be amazing either way, she loves hotels! Please and thank you! ??????

  44. heather Durham says

    This would be wonderful. I have been following this hotel since you posted about it. I would love to stay in a bungalow!

  45. Amber Romero says

    I need a daycation because we haven’t been able to afford much this summer. I work my behind off on a daily, am a single mommy & could use am awesome get away even if just a day! My kids would absolutely love it also I’m sure! #PacificEdgeLaguna

  46. shannon R says

    #PacificEdgeLaguna The photos of your daycation looks amazing. I would love to escape with the family and stay at this amazing hotel. I work part time and juggle 2 very active and hyper boys.

  47. Reyna Gonzalez says

    This will be an awesome way to end our summer vacation:-)

  48. CarrieK says

    My favorite beaches! I wish we could afford to stay here because everything you blogged about looks amazing! Thank you for everything you share! Me & my 5 guys appreciate it!!!

  49. Lisa H says

    This looks like a dream daycation! I can picture my family and I enjoying a day relaxing in a bungalow and enjoying the private beach now so pick me please!

  50. Daniela Gonzalez says

    This would be so awesome to win we have been wanting to have a little get away vacay weekend for our kids .. They have never spent the night at a hotel and they looove the beach! Unfortunately we just do not have the extra funds to do so at the moment and this would be amazing! Fingers crossed!!! #pacificedgelaguna #giveaway

  51. Jennifer says

    How did I know these even existed? Laguna is also one of our very favorite So Cal places!! This would be so much fun to have a big family beach day! And I love the idea that we could take the littles and put them down for a nap while still enjoying everything! Awesome!

  52. omgosh so need a daycation and ive been wanting to stay at this hotel ever since we moved to OC 10 yrs ago.

  53. Cindy H says

    I am a stay at home mommy and my husbands works super hard so I can stay home. My kids and us would love a day to just relax and have fun. 🙂 #PacificEdgeLaguna #giveaway

  54. Karen Harrell says

    This would be amazing for me and my 2 kids. I have stayed there when it was still Vacation Village. Amazing stay before we had kids.

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