Disneyland Holidays at Night

Disneyland Holidays

visiting Disneyland during the Holidays has got to be one of the most magical places you can be. everything is decorated, glittering and shimmering with Christmas magic. the boys and i couldn’t get enough of it this holiday season. it has to be one of our favorite ways to celebrate Christmas…and even better this year was the opening of Season of the Force. luckily, we were able to visit a few times to experience all that the park has to offer during the Holidays.

i wanted to change it up, and instead of sharing photos taken in the daylight of our visit to Disneyland Holidays, i thought it would be fun to share the photos i took at the night. this is when Disneyland Resort is sparkling with twinkle lights and the chill in the air makes you feel like winter has fallen upon Orange County. the entire park is decorated, from the entrance to the rides, so you are going to want to see it all.

Disneyland Christmas Entrance at Night as you make your way down Main Street U.S.A. all the buildings are lined with Christmas lights and decorated to the nines for the holidays. i love the excitement that you feel as you walk down the street towards  Cinderella’s Castle. the music, the decorations, the store window displays….EVERYTHING is so magical this time of year.

Disneyland Christmas Main Street at NightDisneyland Main Street Market at Christmas TimeDisneyland Magic Shop at NightDisneyland Christmas Town Halland then there is Cinderella’s Castle!!!!  i love how it has been decorated for the season with frosty wreaths of glass balls, diamonds and Christmas swags. 
Disneyland Christmas 60th signDisneyland Christmas Castle at NightCinderella Castle at Disney Holidays

my all-time favorite ride to visit during the Holiday’s at Disneyland is “it’s a small world” at night. it is one attraction you will not want to miss. thousands upon thousands of lights have transformed it into a spectacular vision of colorful lights. as you ride the boats through the ride, songs of jingle bells and “it’s a small world” fill the air. people young and old love to ride “it’s a small world” during the holidays.

it's a small world at Christmasit's a small world holidaysDisneyland it's a Small World at Christmas Timebesides “it’s a small world” and the Haunted Mansion that has been transformed into the “Nightmare Before Christmas”, there is also another ride that has been decorated for the Holidays….


the Jungle Cruise has been transformed in the the “Jingle Cruise.” get ready to ride the waters of the Nile on a safari of holiday surprises.

Disneyland Jingle CruiseJingle Jungle CruiseDisneyland Christmas Jingle Cruise TigerDisneyland Christmas Jingle Cruise ElephantDisneyland Christmas Jingle Cruise at NightDisneyland Christmas Jingle Cruise MOnkeys

all the animals give you quite the Christmas jungle experience as you ride on the Jingle Cruise! after you make it off the boat, take a minute to enjoy Frontier Land decorated with lights.

Disneyland Christmas Mercantile at NightDisneyland Golden Horseshoe at Christmas Time

finally, there’s the giant Christmas Tree at the end of Main Street. here’s what it looks like as you make your way down Main Street U.S.A. to exit the park. it’s a beautiful site.

Disneyland Main Street at Christmas Timethis year there have been some new additions to the tree. you will notice blue decorations celebrating Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary. blue glass balls, blue sleighs, blue clocks and blue ribbons. crystals beads have also been added along with silver bird cages and sparkling glass snowflakes. it’s the perfect way to celebrate the 60th Anniversary at Christmas time. a spectacular tree for sure.

Disneyland Christmas Tree Ornaments PhotoDisneyland Christmas Tree Ornaments

Disneyland Christmas Tree Snowflake at NightDisneyland Christmas Tree Ornaments at Night


Disneyland Christmas Tree Selfie

Disneyland Christmas Ornaments Photo

we are always going to remember the magical evening we spent during the Holidays at Disneyland.

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