Valentine Bagels with Strawberry Hearts

the boys have been into eating bagels for snack lately. they have been requesting flavored cream cheese. today is fresh strawberry…yummy! and just for some Valentine fun, strawberry hearts.

Strawberry Flavored Cream Cheese
strawberries (chopped)
 cream cheese
  powdered sugar (optional)
in a blender or food processor, add cream cheese & strawberries. blend until full combined and strawberries are pureed. we like our chunky.  blend in a few spoonfuls of powder sugar to taste (optional). to make heart strawberries, cut off leaf tops. then notch the center and slice. super easy!
how about making homemade bagels! check out this fun and easy recipe over at Glitterful Felt Stories. a fun activity for the kiddies.
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  1. Sarah CHaney says

    These look great! I cant wait to try them


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