Hello Spring: Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party

with this being the first day of Spring, i thought it would be appropriate to share Vann’s “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” 2nd birthday party. i am not sure why i never shared it before, but then i was cleaning up my digital photos and found the photos. i decided i would share them the next time i had the chance. so today’s the day.

i dreamed of having a “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” party for Vann when he was just a newborn, but when he was turning one year old, our home was flooded and we were forced to live in a hotel for 5 months. i was so disappointed that we had to cancel his party. however, when his second birthday rolled around, since i had already boughten a lot of the decorations, i decided to have the party when he turned two.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party

since Vann’s birthday falls during springtime and the Hungry Caterpillar lives in the garden, i made the party garden themed. a pair of rain boots and a cute sign i designed greeted guests when they arrived at the party.

The Hungry Caterpillar Party

i also made a collage of photos of my boy and some party ware for the guests to wear.Vann Parkin Birthday PartyThe Hungry Caterpillar Party Ideasfor the girls, i made these caterpillar headbands by glueing pom pons to a fabric headband with hot glue. i used paint dabs for the eyes, and pieces of ribbon for the antenna.Hungry Caterpillar Headbands
i also made party hats for whoever else wanted to wear them and glued the same pom pom caterpillars to them. i absolutely love how they turned out, and they were pretty easy to make too.

The Hungry Caterpillar Party Hats
for the outside, i just put three long tables together and covered them with a white table cloth. i rented white chairs for pretty cheap…this was a necessity, because i needed all the seating i could get. i also attached a balloon to each of the chairs to achieve the look i wanted.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party1 going down the center of the long table, i used potted plants lined up on colorful round placemats. inside each plant, i put a cardstock circle with a sentence from “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” story and an illustration printed on it.

The Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party Decorations

i just love how it turned out!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Party

i guess i didn’t take any photos of the food, i can seem to find them. but at the party we served brunch, including cereal served in colorful bowls, ham and egg cups, muffins, salad, fruit and fresh squeezed juices. if you are looking for an easy party menu, this is it. brunch foods are so easy to prep.

my most favorite part of the party were these Hungry Caterpillar Push Cakes® made by Meringue Bake Shop. they were actually the first idea i had when i decided that i wanted to have a Hungry Caterpillar party. when i told Kristin of my vision, she helped figure out how to make them and then these Hungry Caterpillar Push Cakes® were born.
Hungry Caterpillar Push Cakesnot only are these little guys cute, they are also YUMMY.  Meringue Bake Shop makes the best Push Cakes®, which is no surprise, as she is the original creator of push-up cakes. yep, she started the craze.Orange County Push Cakes
for the activity at the party, i bought plants, flowers and terra cotta pots, which the children could paint and plant a flower in. hungry caterpillar party

this is a great activity for all ages, even the adults had a great time painting the pots. and they also made a nice party favor for guests to take home.

Birthday Garden Party Ideas

Kids Garden Party Ideasall the paint got a little messy, but the kids loved it, and i am pretty sure the other parents were glad that their kids were making that mess at my house and not theirs.Garden Party IdeasBirthday Garden Party Game Ideas

we ended the birthday party singing “Happy Birthday” and cracking into Vann’s birthday Whacky Cake, also made by Meringue Bake Shop.

Smash Cake Wacky Cakeif you have never heard of a Whacky Cake, then i must tell you what it is. a Whacky Cake is a cake that has a hard candy shell. when it is time to serve the cake, the guest of horn gets to WHACK the cake with a hammer.

Orange County Smash Cake BakeryMeringue Bakeshop Wacky Cake

when the cake is whacked, the candy shell breaks, and guests get a candy surprise. yep, the cake is filled with candy!Wacky Cakelittle hands and big hands will be reaching for the treats inside the Whacky Cake. it is not just a birthday cake, it is a birthday cake experience that is so much fun! it was there perfect way to end Vann’s “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”birthday party.Candy Filled Cake

this little garden party may have been simple, it may have been a year late, but it ended up being the perfect way to celebrate Spring and my little man Vann. i can’t believe that it has already been 3 years since this party, and that he will be turning 5 in just over a month. where does time go?The Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party


  1. Kelsey Wright says

    Hey! Can you please share where you purchased the place mats and gallons? They are in such vibrant colors! I love them.

  2. Love your party ideas! Did you create your centerpieces or were they a printable?? Also, what type of plant did you use? I love those greens!

  3. Jennifer says

    What did you use as the mats for the centerpiece? Where did you buy the grass for the centerpieces?

  4. MoCharp says

    Love the center pieces! Where did you get your printables? Did you design them? Looking for some for my LO’s birthday

  5. Amy Cole says

    Hi! Do you have a printable for your centerpieces or the “Vann is 2 years old” framed sign?

  6. Lubby cedeno says


    I absolutely loved your little ones Birhday.
    We are doing the same theme for my sons 1st this upcoming month, can you let me know how I can do the center pieces printables or was it something that you did?


  7. Would love your source on the centerpiece prints!

  8. Madeline says

    Love your party. Will you share your design for the centerpieces?? Thanks

  9. Crystal says

    Love the party. Can I ask where you found the printable a for the centerpiece? Did you design them yourself? Also, where did you find the placemats? Everything was beautiful


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