Bubblefest at Discovery Cube OC 2017

spring break in Orange County means going to Bubblefest at Discovery Cube, which happens every year during spring break! we always have a tradition of going on opening day…this year was baby Dani’s first time to visit, and we also brought our cousins from England they all loved it. it’s also my favorite event that takes place at The Cube. when you see bubbles, you just have to smile….there’s just something about them. and Bubblefest sure does make a lot of smiles. this year’s Bubblefest runs April 1st – 16th.

here is Dani checking out the bubble show for her first time with my cousin!

Bubblefest at Discovery Cube has two parts to it. first there the Mega Bubblefest Laser Show and then there are the Hands-on Bubble Exhibits. the Mega Bubblefest Laser Show is performed by the talented Deni Yang, a magical bubble show that’s unlike anything we have experienced. this year’s show takes place inside the brand new expansion of Discovery Science Center – in the state of the art auditorium that was especially designed for the Mega Bubblefest Laser Show.

as always, the show was awesome! we enjoyed….The Best Bubble Show in the World

giant mega bubbles….

Southern California Bubble ShowAmazing Bubblefest Show
snow bubbles….

lasers and bubbles….

Amazing Bubblefest Show at Discovery CubeLaser Light and Bubble Show at Discovery Cube
lasers, fog and smoke bubbles…

Bubble OceanThe Best Bubble Show in Southern California

kids inside bubbles…

people of ALL AGES love the bubble show….even my grandma who wanted to come back with us this year since she loved it so much last year.

Grandparents Love Bubblefest

the Bubblefest Show is simply magical. you won’t believe how many bubbles there are. plus there are bubble tricks, a bubble movie, and bubbles dancing to the music…all of it being performed of course by Deni Yang. the coolest bubble show we’ve have seen.
Deni Yang Show at Bubblefest
after the show we headed to the other part of the Bubblefest experience – the hands-on bubble exhibits. everything for Bubblefest is inside The Cube except for the bubble blowing. this is nice because you don’t have to wait out in the hot sun for the bubble spheres. this is a favorite of many of those at Bubblefest.
Playing In the Water Bubble SpheresKids Having Fun at Bubblefest
some of the other interactive exhibits included making a bubble wall, learning about bubbles from the bubble scientist, making shadows on the bubble light wall and trying some cool laser tricks. the boys also enjoyed racing against each other on the bubble house obstacle course.
outside in the Discovery Cube courtyard, the boys had the most fun making their own giant bubbles. they had these great bubble wands with the perfect solution to make enormous bubbles. i was pretty impressed at my boys ability to blow bubble out of the hands. it was so much fun to watch the joy in their faces as they created amazing bubbles.
The Best Bubble Solution at BubblefestFun things to Do During Spring Break in Orange County
and before you leave Bubbliest, be sure to get your photo inside a giant bubble, and if you want to take home some bubble making supplies, there are lots of kits to choose from in the gift shop.
 Bubblefest made for the perfect Spring Break Kick-off for the kiddies and i, and inspired some fun new ideas for my boys to think about. my oldest now wants to design laser shows. thank you Discovery Cube OC for hosting this fabulous Bubblefest experience…it was AWESOME!!!!!!  and if you would like to see if for yourself, hurry. it all ends on April 16th. click here for the details.

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    Looks like so much fun! We will be taking our family there this weekend!


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