Thankgiving Turkey Donuts

the other day, the kiddies went grocery shopping with me and saw those little packages of donuts on sale for $1.00 and talked me into buying them as a treat.  when we got home, the kids wanted to do a craft, do with out leftover Halloween candy, we made Turkey Donut Pops.

to make a turkey donut pop, you will need:
• small bite sized donut
• 5 candy corns
• 1 Rolo or mini peanut butter cup
• sliver of licorice or red candy
• candy for eyes
• half of a yellow or orange M & M
• frosting or peanut butter
• lollipop stick (optional)
insert lollipop stick into your donut. then, carefully insert candy corns into side of donut. i found this step to be hard because when i pushed to hard the donut split on me the first time. with frosting, adhere Rolo to the front of the donut. decorate your turkey’s face with candy pieces adhered with frosting.  i used black frosting to make my turkey’s eyes.
you can use any sort of candy pieces to make your turkey.  i just pulled out the leftover Halloween candy and looked for candy that i thought would work!
isn’t my turkey donut cute! gobble, gobble.