Father’s Day: Star Wars Kit Messenger Bag tutorial

okay, i am finally getting this pattern up. i am actually not real good at making tutorials for sewing things. but i will do my best. so here goes…..
what you need:
1/2 yard of brown felt 18″x 66″
step 1) cut your fabric into the following pieces:
• 2 – 5″x 9″   (sides)
• 1 – 3″ x 12″   (ammo strap)
• 1 – 3″ x 49″   (strap)
• 1 – 15″x 59″   (bag)
see picture.
step 2) fold the top of 15″ x 59″ piece down 2-1/2″ and sew it down. your piece will now be 15″ x 56-1/2″.
step 3) fold the 15″ x 59″ piece almost in half. you want the folded end to be 4″ lower than the non-folded end. your fabric will now be 15″ x 34-1/2″. pin your fabric so it doesn’t come apart.
step 4) sewing the pocket detail: sew two, 5″ lines starting at the top of pocket to the bottom of the bag. (i used a straight stitch). they should be 5″ apart and divide the pocket in 3. see picture.
step 5) sewing the flap detail: sew around the flap part of the messenger bag using a 1/4″ seam allowance. (i used a zig zag stitch). see picture.
step 6) sewing the ends on the bag: pin your side on the bag starting with the end with the folded part (wrong sides together).  sew around 3 sides of the side pieces using a 1/4″ seam allowance. when you come to the corners, make sure your needle is down, and swing the fabric around to start sewing each side.
step 7) sewing the ammo strap: sew the 12″ sides in, using a 1/2″ seam allowance and straight stitch. your piece should now be 2″ x 12″.
step 8) sewing the strap: fold each end of the strap in 3″ and sew a square using a 1/4″ seam allowance.  sew the ammo strap on one end of the large strap by sewing 2″ lines across every 4″.
step 9) sewing the strap on the bag: pin the strap onto each side of the bag at the top. affix by sewing an “X” accrossed each square on each side.  (i have found that once all the treats are loaded in the bag, it is really heavy. the felt is not super sturdy, so you may want to double the strap for more support. i figured it is fine, since the boys will most likely play with the bag without putting such heavy items in it.)
you are now finished!
{click here for the entire Daddy Star Wars Kit in case you missed it.}

Father’s Day Gift: Star Wars Kit

i have been so excited to share this…and finally i am having a chance to post. our father’s day gift for our daddy! this is what we’ve been up to.

this year for father’s day, the boys and i decided to make daddy his own Star Wars Jedi kit. they had so much fun thinking up ideas for snacks and treats that we could make into a Star Wars theme.  since i know very little about Star Wars and the boys know practically everything, they were very helpful.  their ideas were very grand….and included building a Millennium Falcon to put all the treats in. i had to talk them into doing a Wookie messenger bag. much more simple, and they have already tried to take it to play their Star Wars reenactments.

i was excited to test out my illustration skills and tried to create some semi-cute illustrations of the boys favorite Star Wars characters. i am happy how they turned out.  check out our Daddy Star Wars kit.

first off i made a Wookie messenger bag to put all of the treats in. i made up a super easy and simple pattern that was made from 1/2 yard of felt cut into 4 pieces and sewn together. it is complete with three pockets and an ammo strap which we placed daddy’s favorite gum into.

my favorite, Wookie Cookies.  what would a Star Wars kit be without Chewbacca.
Han Solo’s Rolos. i love Rolos.
Vaderade! aka Gatorade.
 Droid Chips…..a can of Pringles chips!
we got some gummy bears for the Ewoks Gummies.
and you have to have some Honey Buns for Princess Leia’s Buns.  and we wrapped some packs of Trident Gum for our Boba Gum. perfect for the ammo strap on our messenger bag.
don’t forget the soda pop! how about some Yoda Soda.
a jar of nuts made the perfect Jar Jar of Gungan Snacks.  and for the Jedi Lightsabers the boys wanted to make chocolate dipped pretzels. they informed me that we needed 4 colors of lightsabers.
and lastly, we wanted to give daddy a medal, for being the best dad in the galaxy. we got a yard of ribbon and a wooden circle, glued them together and made a little cardstock holder.  apparently, that symbol is for the Rebel Alliance, and the boys say that is good. so that is what we used.
i have to say, i had soooo much fun making this kit. our daddy is going to be very excited. he is a closet Star Wars geek. something i don’t go around telling people. he is going to be impressed that i could make something like this.
and guess what…do you want to make your own Daddy Star Wars kit?  i have made a pdf that includes directions to everything here. stay tuned for the next post. i will put a complete tutorial with the free printables up today!
click here for printables. click here for the messenger bag tutorial.
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