Fun with PEEPS – and a free printable Easter gift tag

Free Printable Peeps tagwhen it comes to Easter and springtime, Peeps® are an iconic candy brand. when we received a big box in the mail this weekend labeled “PEEPS” on the outside, my kids were over the moon. we figured it was full of the traditional colorful chicky and bunny Peeps®, but we had no idea that we would find such a variety of Peeps® candy as well as some fun PEEPS inspired gifts and other candy from the PEEPS & Company brands such as Mike and Ike and Hot Tamales.

all these varieties made me want to head over to the Peeps & Company® website and check out what they offered. WOW. i was excited to see not only candy, but fun gifts, toys, home decor, and apparel. and not just for Easter. now you can enjoy PEEPS all year long. there are peeps and candy for all occasions and also in every color scheme. so if you are looking to match a certain color, i highly suggest checking out everything peeps has to offer.

to celebrate my love for Peeps®, i thought it would be fun to make a fun Easter basket to give to one of my “peeps”. i just filled a spring bucket with some paper grass and a bunch of varieties of Peeps® including Peeps Chick Ear Buds and a Peeps® Bunny Plush and attached a cute tag that says “to my PEEP!” i wanted to make sure i included the free printable for you to use if you decide to make a Peeps® gift for one of your peeps. click here to download the Peeps gift tag.

Fun Peep Easter PrintablePeeps Gift BasketPeeps gift basket

click here to download the Peeps gift tag.

just for fun, i also wanted to share some of the Easter PEEPS that i think would be fun for the kid, tweens, teens and even adult Easter baskets or for a fun spring treat. check them out below!

Fun Peeps Gifts for Everyone

1. Peeps Chick Earbuds |  2. Chocolate Dipped Mousse Flavored Peeps | 3. Peeps Bunny Socks and Candy Sets | 4. Peeps Plush Bunnies | 5. Rainbow Pops Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Chicks | 6. Peeps Decorated Marshmallow Eggs | 7. Peeps Rainbow Pops  | 8. Orange Creme Flavored Chicks  | 9. Party Flavored Marshmallow Chicks | 9. Peeps Keychains | 10. Party Cake Peeps | 11. Peeps-a-liscious Cookbook  |  12. Peeps Socks

and don’t forget about Peeps & Company’s other fun brands – Hot Tamales and Mike and Ike. there are lots of fun candies in different flavors and themes to satisfy that sweet tooth!

Hot Tamales and Mike and Ike1. Mike and Ike Zours  |  2. Hot Tamale Juniors  |  3. Hot Tamales Licorice Bites  | 4. Mike and Ike Jelly Beans |  5. Mike and Ike Easter Treats6. Mike and Ike Minion Mix  |  7. Hot Tamales Earbud Gift Set  |  8. Mike and Ike Lollipops  | 9. Mike and Ike Jurassic World  |  10. Mike and Ike Cotton Candy

{Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own! The PEEPS & COMPANY® products, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by PEEPS & COMPANY®}

Father’s Day: Star Wars Kit Messenger Bag tutorial

okay, i am finally getting this pattern up. i am actually not real good at making tutorials for sewing things. but i will do my best. so here goes…..
what you need:
1/2 yard of brown felt 18″x 66″
step 1) cut your fabric into the following pieces:
• 2 – 5″x 9″   (sides)
• 1 – 3″ x 12″   (ammo strap)
• 1 – 3″ x 49″   (strap)
• 1 – 15″x 59″   (bag)
see picture.
step 2) fold the top of 15″ x 59″ piece down 2-1/2″ and sew it down. your piece will now be 15″ x 56-1/2″.
step 3) fold the 15″ x 59″ piece almost in half. you want the folded end to be 4″ lower than the non-folded end. your fabric will now be 15″ x 34-1/2″. pin your fabric so it doesn’t come apart.
step 4) sewing the pocket detail: sew two, 5″ lines starting at the top of pocket to the bottom of the bag. (i used a straight stitch). they should be 5″ apart and divide the pocket in 3. see picture.
step 5) sewing the flap detail: sew around the flap part of the messenger bag using a 1/4″ seam allowance. (i used a zig zag stitch). see picture.
step 6) sewing the ends on the bag: pin your side on the bag starting with the end with the folded part (wrong sides together).  sew around 3 sides of the side pieces using a 1/4″ seam allowance. when you come to the corners, make sure your needle is down, and swing the fabric around to start sewing each side.
step 7) sewing the ammo strap: sew the 12″ sides in, using a 1/2″ seam allowance and straight stitch. your piece should now be 2″ x 12″.
step 8) sewing the strap: fold each end of the strap in 3″ and sew a square using a 1/4″ seam allowance.  sew the ammo strap on one end of the large strap by sewing 2″ lines across every 4″.
step 9) sewing the strap on the bag: pin the strap onto each side of the bag at the top. affix by sewing an “X” accrossed each square on each side.  (i have found that once all the treats are loaded in the bag, it is really heavy. the felt is not super sturdy, so you may want to double the strap for more support. i figured it is fine, since the boys will most likely play with the bag without putting such heavy items in it.)
you are now finished!
{click here for the entire Daddy Star Wars Kit in case you missed it.}

PEEPS Paper Dolls – FREE Spring Printables

I had this idea of making may very own paper doll collection, and so I did! Since it’s Spring time….and those yummy little marshmallow PEEPS are all over the stores, I decided, ” Why not make PEEPS themed paper dolls!” AKA ‘PEEP’er Dolls!

Plus, paper dolls need clothes, even if they are PEEPs. So I created lots of cute outfits for your kiddies to dress the Peeps up in. And guess what? This “Peep”er Doll set printable is FREE for you to download.

On this free Spring printable, I have included 4 ‘PEEP’ dolls in four colors and 16 outfits with accessories. There are both girl and boy outfits! Enjoy and happy SPRING!

Peeper Dolls

To make you very own PEEP Paper Dolls, you will need:

  • Download the paper dolls template here.
  • Print at 100% scaling if you can. You will want all the pages to be the same percentage so that the clothes fit each Peep.
  • Make sure you print the PEEP bunnies onto cardstock not paper. The outfits can be printed on either cardstock or paper.
  • Cut out all the PEEP Paper Dolls
  • Been the tabs on the lines so the clothes stay on your Peeps.
  • Have fun!
Peeper Dolls
Peeper Dolls2
Peeper Dolls3
Peeper Dolls4

If you haven’t done so already, Download the paper dolls template here!