DIY Homework Supply Caddy Tutorial

DIY Homework Caddy to Hold all your Homework Supplies -
i have to admit that i am pretty lucky when it comes to homework time. my children always get it done without too much complaining. however, i was starting to get pretty annoyed by the daily whining “where is a pencil” “where are my colored pencils” “i need a glue stick” “where is the sharpener!” i decide some organization tactics were in order!

i saw a bowl full of school supplies on one of my friend’s dining room table during a visit, and thought….”why didn’t i think of doing that?”…….now that i think about it, i bet i am the only one that doesn’t have some sort of homework supply bowl or caddy of such. so, i decided to make a really cool one to put on my kitchen table….where the boys do their homework everyday.  i wanted it to be fun and colorful, i wanted it to spin, and have enough space to put everything they could need to do their homework. yes…i was going to make a homework supply caddy!

i ended up using empty cans from our canned food, a wooden circle plaque, and a lazy susan. a coat of colorful spray paint and a few screws later…..whala! a cool homework caddy.

what do you think?!?!

it’s colorful!

it spins!

and it sits on the table ready for homework time!

Make Your Own Homework Supply Caddy

• wooden circle plaque (i used an 11″ wooden round from Michael’s Craft Store)
• empty canned food cans  (i used 7 medium and 1 large)
• 1/2″ Self Drilling Screws
• Spray Paint
• lazy susan (i got one at Home Depot)
• little rubber feet thingys  (i got them at Home Depot next to the chair floor protectors)
• screwdriver (electric is best)

• clean your food cans, making sure there aren’t any sharp edges
• spray paint your cans and lazy susan in the colors you like.
• affix the lazy susan to the bottom of your wooden circle
• place the rubber feet on the bottom of the lazy susan to prevent sliding
• arrange your cans on the top of the lazy susan
• screw the cans onto the lazy susan. the self drilling screws are so easy and go right in.
• whala! you now have a cool homework caddy. fill it up with your homework supplies.

• i placed small cans inside of the medium cans to create a little riser, so that shorter school supplies would show
• a magnet is a great why to affix a pencil sharpener

happy homeworking,
jill, jack, kyle & vann