Irvine Park Christmas Train

you probably read my

earlier post about the Irvine Park Christmas Train, and if you haven’t go check it out! the Irvine Park Railroad Christmas Train is one of Orange County’s favorite family holiday traditions. i can tell you from experience, that it is one of those holiday traditions the kiddies look forward to year after year. and we are excited to be offering a fantastic prize package to the Irvine Park Railroad Christmas Train

more information about the Irvine Park Railroad Christmas Train.

You Are Special Place Setting

Special Day Platethis Christmas our family received a very special gift from some very special people in our lives. my grandma and grandpa. it was a box titled “You are Special and Loved Today and Always.”

and inside that box, carefully placed and wrapped in bubbles…
Special Day Plate 2
was a sparkling gold china plate, a gold etched goblet, gold flatware, gold napkin and gold plate mat. surely a place setting fit for a king.
Special Day Plate 3
and this place setting of shimmering gold is to be used on a special day. anytime.
any day throughout the year. when someone in our family is celebrating something special.
Special Day Plate 5
whether a birthday, an anniversary, an accomplishment, a good grade….or maybe that person just needs to feel loved.  this special place setting will be used so that……
Special Day Plate 4
any special day each of us is celebrating…..they will be reminded that…
You are Special and Loved Today Always
what a wonderful new tradition our family will have.
thank you grandma & grandpa… are special and loved always too.

Special Day Plate 6