National S’mores Day | 9 Fun Smore Recipes

today is National S’mores Day. and since we are out camping this week, it is perfect. we’ve been making s’mores everyday, and the regular old way can get a bit boring, or should i say that i just like a little variety. so check out some other ways to enjoy s’mores.

last year i shared these yummy s’mores….

candy bar s’mores

and how about these fun s’more recipes from around blogland…
my absolute favorite….starfish s’mores by hungry happenings
s’more stuffed chocolate chip cookies by the picky palate…OH MY!
s’mores on a stick from the idea room
caramel apple s’mores by hoosier handmade
s’mores cake in a jar by how sweet it is
and mmmmm…..s’more ice cream sandwiches by 52 kitchen adventures.
no matter how you make them….s’mores are pretty yummy. so go on…..celebrate National S’mores Day.
happy eating,
jill, jack, kyle & baby

S’mores Ice Cream Cones

S'mores Ice Cream Cones

s’mores on a cone!!!!

yep….soooo yummy and just a little bit different than the average s’more. to make a s’more ice cream cone, all you have to do is roast a couple of marshmallows and stuff them into a sugar cone. next, top with chocolate sauce,  caramel sauce, different toppings and sprinkles. they are a bit messy….but aren’t all s’mores?!!!

s’more Ice Cream cones are my kiddies favorite way to eat roasted marshmallows. (mine too…it surprisingly soooo good)

you can also enjoy these yummy s’more ideas:
Oven S’mores
Oatmeal Cookie S’mores
Candy Bar S’mores

Smores Part 2: Oatmeal Cookie Smores

next up on our week of s’mores with a twist are oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with roasted marshmallow creme! our version of an oatmeal creme pie. definitely a winner. double yummy!

Smores Part 1: Candy Bar Smores

can’t go camping without smores. and we are going to make s’mores with a twist! tonight: candy bar smores. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Milky Way and Almond Joy bars will make their debut in our smores!