Cupcake Decorating Parties at Casey’s Cupcakes Party Room


a couple of weeks ago we were invited to a princess and prince party at Casey’s Cupcakes. you may remember me writing about Casey’s Cupcakes before, and how you can have cupcake decorating parties at their stores. that is exactly what we did at the princess and prince party. Casey’s Cupcakes Shops are fabulously decorated, fit for a princess, and are perfect for hosting birthday parties, showers and girls night outs.



you should have seen these kiddie’s eyes as they walked into the Casey’s Cupcakes Party Room. the table was set with cupcakes, candy, frosting, sprinkles, cherries and all sorts of goodies. and everything was pink! yep pink. did my boys seem to care? not at all. outfitted with a prince crown, they sat down at the delicious cupcake table and got to work decorating their cupcakes. (but, i was told if you have a little boy who wanted to have a not-so-pink party, that Casey’s Cupcakes could help make that wish come true)


so much fun, they loved every second of it. and while Kyle, my middle boy carefully decorated his cupcakes (yes, you can make more than one) my little Vann got right down to business shoving cupcakes into his face. and i can’t say i don’t blame him. they are really yummy.


and while the kids feasted on cupcakes and juice, the adults enjoyed their own tea party right outside the party room. a win, win. i got to enjoy my favorite red velvet cupcake while my kids were fully entertained. oh happy day.


the party was a big success, because after all, you only get messes like these when kids are truly having loads of fun. and me? anything is a success when i don’t have to clean it up. hey! i’m really, really loving the fact that you can have a fantastic party at Casey’s Cupcakes and not have to worry about cleaning the house up for guests…let alone, cleaning it all back up again.


yep, i would have to say my boys had a great time. little Vann, who insisted on dressing up as a Power Ranger, had to get one last treat in.


we couldn’t leave the store without one last peek at the fabulous display cupcakes.


they are always available at one of the 5 Casey’s Cupcakes Stores (soon to be six). so if your sweet tooth is calling you, stop in to grab a treat.


thank you Casey for the fabulous party. it was so much fun!


for more information about having your own cupcake decorating party, bridal shower or baby shower at one of Casey’s Cupcakes Stores, visit her website.

The Best of the OC: Casey’s Cupcakes

have you been to Casey’s Cupcakes yet? the kiddies and i love cupcakes and often treat ourselves to one of Casey’s Cupcakes when we are down at Fashion Island….they love them. and they come in a bunch of yummy flavors. every month there is a special cupcake of the month flavor.

the kiddies were super excited to get to go to a cupcake party at Casey’s last weekend!  they were ready to be creative and get to work on their cupcake masterpieces.

we frosted. we decorated. we tasted. we made cupcake yumminess!
and we were even served water in pretty striped water bottles!

check out this sweet party room and decor. perfect for birthday parties and showers. i think it would be fun to have a mom’s night out cupcake party! for party details click here.

then we ate our creations. this was someone’s favorite part!
we also got to meet Casey! so much fun!
Casey’s Cupcakes has 4 locations in Southern California: Fashion Island, Irvine, Laguna Beach & Riverside. they offer to-go cupcakes, party orders & in-store party packages.
{ disclosure: my kiddies and i were invited to the cuppcake party by Casey’s Cupcakes. all opinions expressed are mine. we had a great time, thank you Casey’s Cupcakes. }