Back to School: No Backpacks on the Floor

four years have gone by, and i have never even thought up a solution for the “come home from school and drop your backpack on the floor” problem. this was one of those “why didn’t i do this earlier” ideas i saw around Pinterest. i would always just shove the backpacks in the corner or on the couch. what was i thinking? of course coat hooks would have been the answer.
so i found three frames that i already had and made them into bulletin boards. i found wooden initials of each of my boys and spray painted them in fun colors. then i glued them to the bulletin board. 3 coat hooks were installed below each frame, and secured with anchor bolts. above everything, i hung this fun sign i got at a baby shower. perfect!
what you need
picture frame for each kid (mine were 10″ x 12″)
 piece of cork board, cut to fit your frame (found at most craft stores)
 coat hook for each kid
 anchor bolts (unless you are screwing hooks into a stud)
 wooden letters
 glue gun
•  place cork board into frames. (frames don’t all have to be the same size, you can spray paint different frames the same color to create a unique cohesive look.)
 measure where you want to place each frame and hook, and then attach them to the wall.
 glue a wooden letter onto each bulletin board
 kids….hang up your backpacks!
and the awesome thing is….there hasn’t been a backpack on the floor since i installed this! yippee…one less reminder to my kids to pick up after them selves and one less job for me!