feeling lucky.

i went outside to take my oldest to school and i felt a gentle warm breeze. i am so excited about the California weather we will be having this week. low 80’s this entire week! and my house is clean, and there is no laundry in sight. however, i have a ton of work for Jill Parkin Designs, but i am so grateful for that. with the baby coming in just 6 weeks, i am happy to be able to earn a little income before things are sure to get busy. and if you’d like, Fox LA is having a contest to pick some of the best businesses in the OC. Jill Parkin Designs has been nominated in the wedding invitation category. so if you have a minute…check it out here. i would love your vote.

so yes, i am feeling lucky this week. and today i will be doing my grocery shopping (gotta get green food for some St. Patrick’s Day lunches for the kiddies & Lucky Charms for our Leprechaun traps), and i am thinking that i better start getting stuff ready for this baby. because time is running out.

and besides this being a lucky green week with St. Patrick’s Day and all, it will be my birthday tomorrow. so that means i must have a giveaway tomorrow, be on the lookout. it will only be one day long. so i hope this is your lucky week too!
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  1. Hope you have a Great Birthday! You are so creative-how do you have time to do it all? Have a great week! Thanks for the fun ideas.

  2. Hi Jill – What a cute blog this is! Happy Birthday to you (tomorrow) and congratulations on your soon-to-be new baby! Glad business is flourishing – you’re a major talent!

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