Happy Mother’s Day. weekend inspiration #4.

so it’s Mother’s Day! being a mommy is a job that i consider to be the luckiest job in the world. i adore all those precious moments i get with these kids. yes, even the struggles and moments when it feels like i can go on anymore.

this Mother’s Day snuck up on me. being all-consumed with the coming of my newest little one, i didn’t even remember until a couple days ago that this weekend was Mother’s Day. now i am sitting here just tickled at this little one in my arms and being spoiled by my older two. a painted treasure box with a chocolate by my first grader, a homemade card and breakfast in bed, snuggles, kisses and a loving husband. Heaven.

so, Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful mommies out there. enjoy your day. here is a little weekend inspiration:

colorful Mother’s Day centerpieces here.
the 10 top animal moms here.
inspirational mom quotes here.
what i want to get for Mother’s Day here. a customized one with my kiddies photo on it.

“When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.”

– Sophia Loren

{ image of my new lovie via }

weekend inspiration #3.

at this time, I am probably in the hospital enjoying a new bundle of joy!!!!! but i prepared this post earlier in the week. thought it was appropriate to make this weekend inspirations baby related. btw….did i ever tell you if i was having a girl or a boy???? you will soon find out.

have a great weekend, i will be back soon!
• heirloom growth chart here.
• baby shower “cake wrecks” here.
• an awesome way to use outgrown baby clothes here.
• my favorite baby booties here.
• 70 cutie animal babies that will make you smile here.
• 100 weirdest baby names here.
• baby gender reveal party ideas here.

weekend inspiration #2.

it looks like this weekend is going to be spent car shopping. was hoping i could get by without getting a new one for a while, but it looks like fixing mine will not be worth it, considering it’s only a 5 seater and going to be quite crammed with 3 car seats.

and it looks like if the baby doesn’t come by friday i will be induced. but i bet this baby won’t wait : )

have a great weekend, with some inspiration!

the cutest fishing kit here.
spaghetti dogs here.
a Postcarden.
the biggest time waster here.
a recipe for no-roll sugar cookies here, and the frosting here.
cool California pillow here.
happiness here.

{image is a picture of cookies i made for Earth Day}

weekend inspiration #1.

thought i start doing a list every saturday of fun ideas, great blogs, fun things and just stuff i like. hope you enjoy! and have a wonderful weekend.

• a very cute grass caterpillar project to do with the kiddies here.
• cool Earth Day Balloon here.
• something i want for the baby here.
• a really good banana cake recipe i made here.
• eco-friendly, colorful bakers twine here.
• one of the games me and the kiddies loves to play here.
• campy wall art here.