DIY Thankgiving Turkey Bread Loaves and Free Printable

DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Bread Loaves | Free printable #printable

today i made some pumpkin spice bread for my kids teachers to enjoy on their holiday off from school. i wanted to dress them up a little and didn’t have any Thanksgiving plates or bags. so i designed a fun printable to dress up my mini bread loaves as turkeys. they turned out much cuter than i thought they would, and were super simple to make.

and now that i made the printable….i might as well share it with my awesome readers. now you can make some bread loaf turkeys too! all you need is some cardstock, glue and toothpicks and in minutes you will have yourself your own turkey breads.

here is how to make a Thanksgiving Turkey Bread Loaf….

what you need:
mini loaves of bread (i used 3-1/2 x 5″ bread…but i am sure you can use any smaller sizes)
1 piece of colored cardstock
1 piece of white cardstock

step one print out the turkey printable onto white cardstock.

step two glue the colored card stock to the backside of your printed turkey pieces.

step three cut out your turkey pieces

step four slip a toothpick in-between the colored cardstock and printed cardstock of the turkey head and turkey feathers. (see below)


step five carefully wrap your loaves of bread with plastic wrap….then insert the turkey head and turkey feathers. if you want to add a ribbon or twine, it adds a nice touch.

and there you have your Bread Loaf Turkey. they make a nice Thanksgiving gift for your friends, neighbors or party hosts. and since you can make quite a few mini loaves of bread with one recipe, you can make some to save and some to share in no time flat.



click here to download the free printable Thanksgiving turkey printables.

Happy Thanksgiving. Gobble Gobble

Thankful String Tree | Thanksgiving Craft

as you have noticed, posting has been a bit scarce this month. it seems as the holidays approach, the days go by faster and faster. i am sure that is true for everyone. and here we are, the middle of november already! for us…..this month has been filled with baseball pizza parties, doctors appointments, about 12 hours on the phone with insurance companies, a Discovery Center Pumpkin Launch, 2 birthday parties, 2 field trips and 5 trips to Costco! but i still wanted to check in and share this Thanksgiving craft i made.

i have been spending a lot of time with my children….it’s been nice, and i have been thinking often of the many things i am thankful for. and although i have sooo many things that i am thankful for, the one thing that always comes to mind is my kiddies and husband.  i love being a mom sooo much. i find myself choked up almost everyday just looking at them. we’ve been through a lot this year….and we have had to depend on each other. i am thankful for them.
so….anyhow….now about this Thanksgiving craft i made.  it is a thankful tree made from string. my kiddies just don’t understand why the stores went from Halloween decorations….to Christmas decorations. they keep saying “mom, why did they skip the Thanksgiving decorations?…..that’s so weird!” so i decided i needed to make a few Thanksgiving decorations to put in the house.
i spotted this string tree a while back and fell in love. i decided that it was the perfect opportunity to make it. i wanted to be able to put up leaves with the things i was thankful for written on them. that way the kiddies would be able to see a new thing each day that i was grateful for….and if they wanted to put up leaves….they could too….and they are! i have to make more leaves for all the things they are coming up with!
so i started with the trunk and worked my way up to the branches. 300 push pins and about 1-1/2 hours later… Thanksgiving string tree was born. i think it turned out awesome! maybe i will keep it up for the entire year.
to make your own string tree
you need:
string or 1 ball of yarn
clear push pins (at least 300)
 leaves cut from cardstock
click here for directions.
here is the leaf template.
p.s. i am thankful for my blog readers. thank you for reading…and have a Happy Thanksgiving season!