A Fun Way to send Flip Flops to Your Friends for Summer

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Tulip.

Fun DIY Flip Flops to Make and Mail #TulipNeon

with spring break coming up this next month, and the continuous hot weather here in Southern California, i feel like it’s time to start putting away the winter wardrobe and get ready for spring. and i thought it would be fun to get my friends in the mood for spring as well. so how about mailing them some flip flops! did you know that you can mail flip flops without putting them in a box or envelope?!!  yep…if you place a mailing label and stamps on EACH of your flip flops, you can put them directly into the mail with out any packaging.

and i didn’t want to send just any old flip flops, i wanted to add my own fun touch to them. which i did using Tulip Slick Dimensional Mini 3 Packs in NEON. using neons as bold pops of color are all the rage in the fashion industry. they are a great way to update your neutral wardrobe. whether its adding color to the oh so hot black & white trend or if your all about neon & nude, Tulip has some great products to create some fun DIY neon accessories and even clothing.


you can pick up these exclusively at your local Michaels Arts & Crafts store. for those folks without a Michaels store in their area, you can order the products at iLove To Create.  they are currently offering free shipping on any of their NEON Tulip Products for the month of February when you use coupon code NeonFEB (ends February 28th).

so, i grabbed a few pairs of cheap flip flops from the store, they were 2 pairs for $5.00. what a bargain.  it will cost more to ship them. this is a great project for all ages. even little ones can decorate pairs of flip flops for themselves or their friends. it would make a fun spring break or summer craft project.


i chose a nice metallic brown neutral because i wanted the neon paint to really pop out. i thought that the easiest design would be to do stripes, cheverons or dots…dots was what i was in the mood for…so dots it was.


i carefully added more and more dots in different sizes and neon colors. i kept going until i was satisfied with my design. i think it turned out pretty cool. now i wish i made some for myself.


you will want to let the paint dry overnight. and once it is dry, you can get them ready to mail. you will need to weigh each flip flop to find out how much postage each will cost. it cost me $2.39 per shoe…at almost $5, it cost me more to mail the shoes than buy them. please remember that you have to put postage and a mailing label on BOTH flip flops. 


you can make your own labels, or i have included my labels as a free printable. i have done these labels for “Spring Break” or “Summer” for your personal use. they fit Avery Shipping Labels for copiers 10 per sheets, or you can just print them out on standard paper and tape them to the flip flops with double-sided tape. make sure you tape the label securely so it doesn’t fall off.

Download SPRING BREAK address label here

Download SUMMER labels here

then add your postage to each flip flop and you are ready to send them of in the mail.


wouldn’t it be a nice surprise to find a pair of flip flops in your mailbox. receiving a fun neon pair like this would surely take away the winter blues.

{disclosure: this is a sponsored post. i receive product to produce my project and compensation. all thoughts and opinions are my own. }

Swim Season is Almost Here.

summer is practically here, and with the recent warm weather here in Southern California, all my kids have been begging to go swimming. however, my youngest boy, Vann doesn’t know how to swim yet. he just turned 3 this month.

so when i was asked to be an ambassador for the SwimWays-Swim Steps Swim Team, i was really excited. SwimWays has a line of swim training products that help parents and swim instructors teach kids how to swim. from arm floaties to swim vests to goggles and kick boards, there are many different products to aid in teaching your child to swim.

something you probably didn’t know about me is, that i was a swim instructor for 10 years before i had kids. however, sometimes it is not easy to teach your own children how to swim. they much rather play with you and have fun…which is probably how it should be. i am hoping by using the SwimWays products while playing in the pool, along with tips on the teach-me-to-swim website, i will have this little guy swimming by the end of summer.

we will be starting off by using the SwimWays Swim Sweater to get used to the water, and the the SwimWays Swim Vest with foam inserts to help balance and support kids while they are swimming. i will be reporting updates on my little guys progress and i am excited to see how he does.

{ disclosure: this is not a sponsored post. as an ambassador of SwimWays, i receive product for reveiw purposes. all thoughts and opinions are my own.}

Banana Cream Pie Popsicles.

yep, another popsicle. what can i say, we love them over here….especially baby. and although i usually like to create my own recipes, i stumbled upon this yummy recipe for banana cream pie popsicles at momtastic. click here for the recipe.

summer is here.

It’s here at last, and the countdown for the last day of school has begun. I have two little boys ready for some good’ol playtime in the warm summer sun. popsicles, sandy days at the beach, running in sprinklers, barbecues and camping. Oh how I love the smell of summer. I can’t wait to share all our adventures for fun with all of our friends.

Join us for some good dirty fun this summer. Come on….you’ll like it.