Earth Day Finds: Smencils

yes, most of you have probably heard of them…Smencils. gourmet scented pencils made from 100% recycled newspapers. each Smencil comes packaged in its own (recyclable) freshness tube. made from recycled newspaper wrapped around #2 graphite and soaked in environmentally friendly fragrance liquids.
Smencils not only smell terrific they are also great for the planet. Perfect for adults and kids alike – they sharpen just like a regular wood pencil! my kiddies absolutely love these pencils.

Earth Day Finds: Planet Box

looking for an eco and easy way to pack healthy lunches for your kids? i just thought this was cool. the PlanetBox. a safe, non-toxic alternative to plastic. not your old fashioned metal lunch box, PlanetBox delivers lunch transportation for the green generation.

as i was packing my oldest’s lunch yesterday, i noticed how wasteful i was being using 6 plastic sandwich bags. the PlanetBox would help me eliminate all those plastic baggies. and the cool thing about these lunch boxes is that you can customize them with magnets that are interchangeable.

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Brownies…my love.

my grandma gave me this brownie pan for my birthday last month…big mistake! i have been baking brownies like crazy ever since. i was skeptical at first, i mean, do you really need a pan just for baking brownies? but this pan makes the brownies just perfect, and the cooking time is shorter. i had actually have been eyeing the Brownie Perfect Pan on those infomercials. but the one i got is the perfect size for the box mixes, and it’s great quality too.

and let’s not mention those extra pounds that i surely gained from eating all those brownies. i will just blame it on the baby : )