Laundry Week: i spy….

welcome to my piles of unfolded laundry. that’s like 7 loads of laundry. i probably have 10 more loads. i hate doing laundry. i have bought enough clothes so that i only do laundry every two weeks….maybe longer. but that is just wrong. i didn’t realized bringing another little baby into the family would create so much more laundry…but it does.

let’s play i spy. do you see baby in there! he loves to hangout in the laundry basket while i fold. but pretty soon he will be too big.

so, i decided to make this week “laundry week.” i going to have posts all week about laundry. did you know that i love to get stains out of clothing. even the really hard ones. it’s like the biggest accomplishment to finally get a stain out of something that has been tossed back into the washer for the tenth time. i will tell you how!
if you have any great laundry tips….leave them in a comment below. all of us would love to hear them.
anyways….just in case you haven’t found baby in my piles of laundry: here he is!