Father’s Day: Star Wars Kit Printables

so….as promised on my post i wrote here yesterday i said i would post the printables to make you own Daddy Star Wars Kit. well, i got the link up, so here it is.

here is what you need to make the Star Wars Kit:
for the treats:
1 – Gatorade
2 – Honey Buns
4 – Packs of Trident size Gum
1 – can of soda (i prefer a green colored can)
1 – bag of Rolos
1 – bag of gummy bears
4 – pretzels dipped in colored chocolate
1 – can of Pringles
1 – can of nuts
1 – large package of Pepperidge Farm Cookies
1 – Yard ribbon
1 – wooden circle 2″-3″
2 – sandwich baggies
1 – baggie for pretzels ( i used a flat cellophane bag from the craft store)
Paper and cardstock
Double sided tape….or glue if that is all you have
for the messenger bag:
1/2 yard of 66″ brown felt

of course you can pick and choose which items you would like to make. you don’t have to make all of them. plus, these would also be fun for a party as well.the messenger bag tutorial will be on the next post.

{click here for the entire Daddy Star Wars Kit in case you missed it.}