Popsicle Blog’s Most Popular Posts of 2014

best of popsicle blog 2014wow! what a year it has been for Popsicle Blog. i love how this space i created long ago has evolved from a little blog where i only shared free and inexpensive things to do around Orange County, into what is now a place where i can share my best adventures, my favorite recipe creations and even some of my most embarrassing moments. i have gotten to know some of my readers on a personal level, and met awesome bloggers along the way. i have gotten to partner with brands i love, and travel and spend magical moments with my boys. who knew that when i created Popsicle Blog 7 years ago, it would still be here….and it is because of you, my beloved readers…which i thank from the bottom of my heart.

when i write a blog post for this site, i don’t always know if it is going to be loved by my readers. sometimes i am surprised at the popularity of a post. like this post i wrote about underwear….who knew people needed a product like that. you just never know. i thought i would share my top 10 posts of 2014. funny thing….some of them weren’t even written in 2014. some of these posts i wrote many years ago and they were revived by pinterest or google or i’m not even sure!

so, here is Popsicle Blog’s Best of 2014…….

101 Things to Do with Kids in Orange County not a surprise. this is such an awesome list of over 101 things do do in the fabulous OC. i have had emailed from locals and emails from vacationers thanking me for this list. i am just happy that it has been such a great resource for so many people.

101 Kid Friendly Activities to do in Orange County

Lemon Herb Steak Foil Packets…it was initially written as a great camping idea…but i am happy to see that it has made it’s way into the kitchens of people as an everyday dinner idea. yes…you can cook it in your oven.

lemon-thyme-rosemary-steak-recipe copy

Halloween Boo Mix and Free Printable Bag Topper. this has been a Halloween favorite for many years. who knew it would still make it to my top ten years later.

Halloween Goodie Bag Topper Free Printable

Strawberry Shortcake Trifle Recipe. inspired by my trip to the Oxnard Strawberry Fields, this is an easy dessert that will always be one of my faves. because, strawberries. easy-strawberry-shortcake-trifle-recipe-1

Homemade Candy Buttons Recipe a favorite since 2011. i really need to make these for Valentine’s Day.

homemade candy buttons recipe

Rainbow Pudding Pops

rainbow pudding pops recipe

Father’s Day Mustache Jars and Free Printables

fathers_day_gift_stache_free printable

Easy Strawberry Scone Recipe. i actually was given this recipe from a friend who i met on instagram. i owe all the credit to her for this post. and a shout out to instagram…for creating a space where you can meet people you would have never met in real life.


7 Family Friendly Tidepools in Orange County. the beaches in Orange County are near and dear to my heart. some of my best memories with my boys have been made there. this has got to be one of my favorite post as well.


DIY Valentine’s Day Banner. so simple, but so cute. and it definitely screams Valentine’s Day. i have feeling it will continue to be a popular post in the near future as the Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!


and those my friends are Popsicle Blog’s top posts of 2014. it looks like my readers love food, printables, family travel and/or fun things to do in SoCal. and that’s just how i like it….thank you.

i wonder what the future holds for 2015?  

what was your favorite Popsicle Blog post of 2014?
what would you like to see more of in 2015? 


  1. Kerena says

    I liked the one about digging for crystals in Trona. I’d like more of what you’ve been doing!

  2. Amy Cordova says

    My favorite post is your word of the year #unselfie, but that was posted this year. My favorite post of 2014 is 101 Kid Friendly Things to Do in OC. Needless to say for 2015 I’m looking forward to how #unselfie comes to play this year on your blog/life. It would be cool to have your local readers get together and do something for the community.

  3. I read all of your posts, but I think I love your post about things to do locally. I have taken my kids to so many events that you have posted. I also love your embarrassing moments, because all moms have them, right? I would like to see more of your beautiful crafts.

  4. Carrie E. says

    My favorites are the crafts and recipes. It gets my creative juices flowing and then my kids and I come up with great things to make.

  5. Heather D. says

    Love your blog! In 2014, I think the 101 kid friendly things to do in OC and the amusement park posts were what I liked the best. I have 3 girls and we are always on the go & trying to find new fun things to do. In 2015, I would like to see more adventures….some DIY’s and recipes would also be great!

  6. Cynthia Montoya says

    I love your DIY posts! the rainbow mat was so cute! I definitely have to try that one (:

  7. Ashleigh says

    I love all your posts, but I did actually make two of your recipe dishes, so I guess I would have to say those were my favorite blogs. I’m always trying to find family friendly dishes that I can make quickly since I’m a working mom and have only about 30 min. to get dinner on the table when I get home from work. So, I guess I would love to see more recipe blogs – especially things that you could maybe put together the night before and pop in the oven when you get home or crock pot ideas. Thanks. P.S. I made Lemon Herb Steak Foil Packets & Jalapeno Lime Steak Foil packets.

  8. Reyna Reyes says

    By far the 101 things to do with kids in OC. I would also love to see more kid friendly recipes.

  9. Alejandra Escobedo says

    I love your 101 things to do in OC the best!! I would love to see more DIY ideas (:

  10. Wendy Munoz says

    I love all your free printables plus all the DIY gift ideas especially because personable gifts are much more appreciated. I really loved the child parent interview.
    I would like to see more recipes in 2015.

  11. Amber Romero says

    101 kids friendly events!! & I’d like to see whatever you post you’ve never failed to post awesome kid friendly events!

  12. I’d have to say my favorite post(s) of 2014 were when you went on the road trip! I loved all of the stops and all of the adventures and it really inspired me to attempt something similar next summer with our little family of 3.
    In 2015 I’d love to keep seeing more of your DIYs because you’re super creative!

  13. Joanna says

    My favorite post was 101 things to do in the OC. I would love to see more ideas for good vacation spots for kids. I also enjoy seeing all your pictures of you and your family. Thanks!!


  14. Debra says

    I love it all! A favorite was when you posted about Chik-Fil-A dress like a cow day. Because of that we got to eat free and make a fun family memory. I would love more OC Freebies days. So fun!

  15. Breezy says

    Love all of the DIY projects! The rainbow mat was my fav! I can’t get enough of DIY I’d love to see more.

  16. Karen Carter says

    I loved your rainbow doormat and all of your adventures. I also love the recipes! I would like to keep reading about your cool travels, recipes and crafts. You have always been such an inspiration to me.

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