The Easiest Cheesy Quiche You can Make

so, what’s for dinner….or should i say brinner? i am always late on deciding what to make my family each night, and most of the time, am just opening the fridge at 6:00 trying to find something to make. at least once a week…even twice i end up making breakfast for dinner. none of my kids complain about these kind of meals, they love breakfast foods, so they are definitely a favorite of mine. many times i make my all-time favorite breakfast or pancakes, bur we also love eating quiche. this cheese quiche recipe is my favorite. it’s easy to make and delicious.

believe it or not, quiche is easy to make. you can fill it with practically any kind of veggies and/or meat. and i love the fact my kids are getting some vegetables into their bellies. paired with some fresh fruit and juice, you have the perfect brinner….IMO. at the end of the post, i have the entire Easy Cheese Quiche recipe and a free printable recipe card  as well.

here’s how you make it…

i prefer to use the Bisquick easy pie crust recipe instead of the traditional pie pastry dough. who has time to make pie dough on a busy school night. not me. all you do is mix the Bisquick, butter and water into a soft dough, and press it into the pie pan. i made it look a bit fancy here (hey, i wanted it to look nice for this tutorial)…but usually i just make sure the dough is evenly spread out around the pie pan.


then i take my meat (which is totally optional) and spread it evenly along the bottom of the pie crust. sprinkle the green onions over that. white, yellow or red onions will work too.


then sprinkle layer the rest of your veggies over the top of that. i used asparagus here, but any kind of vegetable you have can work. fresh spinach, broccoli, bell peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini, etc., will all work great. just make sure they are chopped into small pieces so they will cook easily. then sprinkle cracked pepper over the top.


next you will make the egg filling by whisking together the eggs, cream and salt. i love using Happy Eggs. if you haven’t heard of them, check out the story behind the Happy Egg Co. here. i never though much about where i got my eggs until i learned about how this company treats their chickens.


generously sprinkle your favorite cheese over the top of the vegetables.


after you have completely covered the vegetables in cheese, carefully pour the egg mixture over everything. be careful to only fill it up to 1/2 below the top of the pie crust or less. sprinkle with cayenne pepper (optional)


place the prepared quiche into a 400˚ preheated oven. bake for 30-40 minutes until edges are golden brown and the center is set.


once the quiche is done, let it cool for ten minutes. then you can cut and serve it. enjoy!


feel free to modify any of these directions to suit your needs. you do not have to have meat, and use vegetables that you like. i love that i can use what i have in my fridge, everytime our quiche is just a little bit different.

1-1/4 cup Bisquick mix
2 tablespoons very hot water
1/4 cup butter
bacon, ham or your favorite meat (approx. 6 slices or 6 oz.) – chopped
fresh veggies – chopped
2 tablespoons green onion – chopped
cracked pepper
1/2 teaspoon salt
1-1/4 cup shredded cheese
1-3/4 cup half and half
cayenne pepper
directions: preheat the oven to 400°F. mix the Bisquick and butter together until blended. add boiling water and mix until soft dough forms. evenly press the dough along the bottom and sides of a pie pan. form a nice edge along the top of the pan.  sprinkle the meat and onions over the crust. sprinkle cheese over the meat.  in a small bowl, whisk the eggs, half-and-half, and salt until well blended. carefully pour into the crust, over the cheese, vegetables and meat. bake 30 to 40 minutes, until edges are golden brown and the center is set.

Giant Family Salad…it’s What’s for Dinner.

as a work at home mom, dinner time has always been a struggle for me. not only because of time constraints, and the fact that i am grocery shopping challenged, but because of the fact that my kids are a bit difficult when it comes to pleasing everyone at once. one of my sons will complain about any meal i make, even if it is his favorite….and then there is a two-year-old that is just plain stubborn.

my kids would be happy eating pasta every night. hey…its easy and everyone is happy and all, but it’s not the most healthy solution to my dinner woes. so, here is one meal that is easy to prepare….and gets few complaints.

i like salad. my kids and hubby….not so much. UNLESS….i make my giant family salad.  it’s an easy way to get my kiddies to eat a healthy, rainbow colored meal full of fresh veggies.

how do i get my kiddies to eat this salad. i don’t do much….i don’t even put it in a bowl. i just chop up a bunch of different salad items on a cutting board and set it on the table.  they grab everything they like and make their own personalized salad on their plates.
hard-boiled eggs
chicken strips (precooked from supermarket deli counter)
anything you would like on a salad.
i think my kiddies enjoy this type of salad over the premixed in bowl ones because this salad makes a statement. it’s big, colorful and DIY. it gives the kiddies the excitement of creating food themselves. my kids love it.
happy salad eating!

Leprechaun Cookies.

happy wednesday! busy throwing a birthday party for my 6 year old and his friends from kindergarten. but, thought i’d leave you with this fun St. Patrick’s Day cookie recipe from The Terrace Housewife. which i found on Pinterest.

Easy Chocolate Fruit Dip

we’ve been really trying hard over here to create a routine to keep our family time less chaotic. every day we’ve been coming home and having a fun snack before we tackle the dreaded homework. a little time to wind down from school, talk about our day and be a little silly.
here is a simple and fun snack my boys we all have been enjoying.
Chocolate Fruit Dip
2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
 1 can condensed milk
 1/2 stick butter
 fresh fruit
melt butter in sauce pan. add condensed milk. stir till heated through. add chocolate chips and stir till melted.  be careful not to burn the chocolate since i didn’t use a double-broiler. enjoy with your favorite fresh fruit.  (use sticks, toothpicks or forks to dip your fruit)
kiddies are in heaven. yummy!
yes, a little sugary, but they consume many more fresh strawberries than chocolate. plus, there’s a whole lotta dipping  fun……
  and you’ll probably have a little bit of a mess after…..but it’s so worth it.

Red Hots Apple Pie

if you haven’t noticed that i LOVE red hots from reading my blog…i tell you now….i love red hots.  i have made red hots jello with them, red hots popcorn with them and now i have just made red hots apple pies!

what i love about this apple pie recipe, it that the apples turn a blush pink! perfect for Valentine’s Day. and the recipe can be adjusted if you would rather add different spices. and you can even use your favorite apple pie recipe and just use red hots instead of the cinnamon.

pastry for a double-crust pie or small tarts
1 c. sugar
2 tbsp. flour
1 tbsp. cornstarch
1/8 c. Red Hots cinnamon candies
1/4 tsp. nutmeg
1/8 tsp. salt
7-8 c. apples (peeled and sliced)
1 tbsp. butter
1 tbsp. vanilla (half-strength) optional

♥   prepare your pie crusts. combine sugar, flour, cornstarch, red hots, nutmeg & salt; mix thoroughly.
♥   in a large bowl, mix your sliced apples with the dry ingredients.
♥   heap into a pastry-lined pie pan.
♥   dot with butter, and sprinkle with the diluted half-strength vanilla.
♥   add top crust, flute edges, cut steam vents.
♥   bake at 425 degrees for 50 minutes.
(if the edges start to burn, use a ring of aluminum foil.)

to make heart shaped mini pies:
♥   using a large heart shaped cookie cutter as your guide, cut the rolled-out pastry dough slightly bigger than the heart for the bottom of your pies.
♥   place a mound of apple filling on the center of the dough. (smaller pieces of apple work best for mini pies)
♥   lay another piece of rolled out dough on top of apples and press along the outside to seal.
♥   using your heart shaped cookie cutter, cut excess dough to create your heart.
♥   using a fork, press softly along the outside edges to further seal and create decorative edge.
♥   cut steam vents.
♥   bake 30 minutes or until golden brown