Daddy’s Zombie Survival Kit | Father’s Day Gift and Free Printable

daddy-zombie-survival-kitso, i hate to admit it, but before this week, i didn’t really know what exactly a zombie was. my boys and husband are constantly talking about a zombie apocalypse, and how we would be moving into Costco if there was one. they also play that iPad game, Plants vs. Zombies…and i hear every one talking about the hit show The Walking Dead. so you would think that i would have learned a bit about zombies. but i guess i didn’t really care to until now. apparently, they are pretty popular now days.

every year i make a special printable for Father’s Day to share with my readers. i have done a Father’s Day Star Wars printable, a Father’s Day Mustache Printable, a Father’s Day Angry Bird printable and i even made a Father’s Day La Luche Libre printable for my friend Pattie. this year, since all of my boys, including the hubby have been talking about zombies so much, i figured that i would make a Father’s Day Zombie Printable. apparently zombies are dead people who want to eat our brains. the only way to kill them is by killing their brain at the brain stem (i think). and if there was a zombie apocalypse we would need to take matters into our own hands and live off of what we had. we would need lots of supplies and rations to get us through the apocalypse.

so in keeping with that theme, we made a Daddy’s Zombie Survival Kit with all the things he may need if there ever was a zombie apocalypse. it was pretty fun to make, and the boys are super excited to give it to their dad. luckily…if you have a zombie loving dad or kids, i have included this Zombie Father’s Day printable for you to download as well!

to make the kit, you will need 7 sheets of colored card stock. i used wood textured kraft paper…i love how it looks. then just print out the printable on the card stock, cut out the labels and attach them to your gift items with tape, glue or twine.


i started off our kit, by buying a cool vintage bin to put all the survival items in. i was going to use an old tool box, which would have been great, but i thought this would work too. i tied a tag that said “Daddy’s Zombie Survival Kit” to the front of the basket. i have also included tags for Grandpa, Papa and Father, just in case you use a different name for your dad.


then i packed the kit with food items, utility items and a few fun things you could use for a “zombie apocalypse”.


for fun we got dad a new hat and called it “Brain Protection.” i guess zombies really like to eat brains…and we don’t want them to eat ours.


beef jerky, an energy bar and a bag of trail mix make good sustainable foods for when you are on the go. i got this great bag of trail mix at Target, and made the label to fit perfectly over the existing label.

besides food, you will also need some survival  items to get you through the hard times.


you will definitely need a knife to kill the zombies! how about getting dad a nice blade or pocket knife. i attached a nice one to a card with thick twine. i think it looks pretty cool. and our dad loves Duck Tape. he can make and repair most anything with it…so that was included in the zombie survival kit. plus a flashlight to see in the dark.


ammo (aka party poppers) and Pops! (little poppers of gun powder) will serve as ammunition against the zombies. these are really fun to play with dad…under the proper supervision that is!zombie-ammo-free-printables

and don’t forget to hydrate. water and energy drink are a must during a zombie apocalypse.

zombie-walking-dead-free-printable-water-bottle-coverswhen asking people about a zombie apocalypse and what you may need, someone jokingly said Twinkies…because they last forever. so yes, we got some.


to finish off our Father’s Day Zombie Survival Kit, i designed this fun card to give to dad. it says “Happy Father’s Day. Thank you for loving us even when we make you feel like a zombie.” it’s a fold-over card, so once you print it out, you can write a nice message to dad inside.


and with that, our entire Daddy’s Zombie Survival Kit is complete. of course you can add whatever you would like to your own, and change around the tags to go on whichever items you are giving your daddy. and if you do make one for your dad…i hope he enjoys it!

Happy Father’s Day

click here to download the Daddy’s Zombie Survival Kit

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Berry Jam Teacher Appreciation Gift | printable

it’s that time of year again, time for teacher appreciation week. if you have been searching the internet for something to give your teacher, here is an idea that is simple and yummy. how about giving your teacher a jar of homemade jam.

i made these for my kid’s teachers on the last day of school last year, and they were a big hit. i made their everyday teachers large jars of jam, and other teacher helpers and workers around the school got small jars of jam.

freezer jam is super simple to make. all you need is strawberries, sugar, and a box of Sure-jell (comes in a yellow box). follow the directions for the freezer jam. i use my blender to puree the 2 cups of strawberries. make sure to measure your ingredients accurately. one box makes approximately two large mason jars or 5 small mason jars of jam.

and there is no wrapping necessary.  i have include the free berry jam printable for you to use. just print it onto cardstock and place it between the jar lids. you can also tie a ribbon with a card to top. there are too option to choose from, “Thanks for being a BERRY nice teacher” and “Thanks for being BERRY sweet.”

click here for the free teacher gift printable


Smarties Halloween Printable Candy Cards

did you know that Smarties Candy is a “worry free” Halloween treat?  with so many kids with allergies, celiac disease and other dietary problems, Halloween season can be a scary time. many treats and candies contain nuts and other items that are harmful to some children with allergies.  Smarties Candy is a great choice since they are free of top allergens as well as gluten free, vegan and low calorie.

i’ve been a room mom in my kiddies classrooms every year and i always encounter the issue of children with allergies. every year there has been a child or children allergic to some kind of nuts. i have had to make sure to find candy items that are suitable for them.  Smarties has been my go to candy…not only are they safe for most children to eat, they are inexpensive and found in most stores with Halloween candy sections.

each year my kiddies like to pass out treats to their friends in their classes, so this year i made some fun Halloween monster cards that we will attach Smarties Candy to.

they are very simple to make. just download the Smarties Halloween Printable Candy Card, print the printable onto cardstock and cutout the cards.  you will want to cut slits on the dotted lines near the monster’s mouths with scissors or exacto knife.  then you can slip a roll of Smarties Candy right into it!

these little monster cards are a fun way to give out Halloween treats that everyone can enjoy!
and in case you missed it, here is the

Star Wars Halloween Printable

having all boys around here means playing Star Wars every day and all day. so to get in the spirit of the Halloween season, i made a little Star Wars Halloween printable to decorate my house with. the boys are in love with it…and they think i’m a cool mom. well hey! if i have to have Star Wars around the house, i might as well make it cute!

i made the print to fit in an 8 x 10″ frame. and i think it turned out quite nice!
you can print one for yourself too.
click here to download!
Happy October!

Honey Teacher Gift

Every year, i try to give my boy’s teachers a beginning of the school year gift. I don’t know…..I think that it makes the teachers excited to start the year with my kiddies and to know that i am an involved parent. I want them to know that I am willing to help them out during the school year and that I appreciated them.
This year, I decided to give them honey bears. and designed a little circle tag that said…
“This is Going to BEE a Great Year! – And I loved how they turned out. A sweet and simple gift.
I’ve also designed a square tag that looked nice on this beehive shaped bottle that I found at the store.
I love the hive shape of the bottle, however, the honey bear is my fave.
If you would like to make this gift for your teacher, i have included this free printable for you to download.  it includes two sizes of the circle and square tags so that you can choose the best size for your honey bottles.
I can already tell, this is going to BEE a great year!