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Orange County Winter Break Ideas for Kids

it’s here….it officially winter break for all the kiddies in the Orange County. so, how are you going to entertain these kiddies these next couple of weeks? we’ve got a great list of great activities to do….so you are surely never going to hear “i’m bored!” from your kiddies.
i am planning to take a bit of a break for the blog. i need some time to recoup and refresh. my kids need me….so, see you all in the New Year!!!!!! have fun during winter break.
first, you can check out our weekly Orange County “to do” list. it has day-by-day listings of great activities, storytimes and kid-friendly events happening in the OC. lots of free activities too.

second, Michelle from Fun Orange County Parks has an awesome list of fun things to do with the kids during winter break. in fact, her entire website is full of great information all about our parks here in Orange County. it’s the first place i go when i want the scoop about a park in the OC.

Fun Orange County Parks

or Jenn, from Tiny Oranges has a great list of things to do. plus check out all her posts about decorating and yummy recipes.
Tiny Oranges Winter Break idea list


third, here are a few links to some of our favorite go-to activities. check them out and see what would interest your kiddies.

OC Zoo
just $2 per person, you can see animals native to Orange County. bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the rest of Irvine Regional Park as well.
Irvine Park Railroad
a favorite of my two-year old. we can’t leave without riding the train $4, and taking a ride on a pony $4. go to their website to find coupons for a discounted train rides.

we just love feeding the guinea pigs and bunnies. plus, it’s nice to walk around the charming historic town, catching a glimpse of the train, and grabbing a bit to eat at Ruby’s Diner.

Tidepools at Corona Del Mar (don’t forget your galoshes)
Indiana Jones Exhibit at Discovery Cube

Fun things to do in your very own Kitchen

Winter Play sessions at Scooter’s Jungle

Scooter’s has open play sessions almost every day during the break. i love it because the kiddies are contained and able to run around and get their energy out!
lastly….you could let the kids toilet paper you house!!!!  LOL.

Raining on Spring Break! What are we going to do?

i didn’t believe my husband when he kept telling me it was going to rain today. what! the weather has been beautiful here in the OC. however, waking up to the patter of falling rain this morning has proved his warnings right. yes….it’s raining in the OC on SPRING BREAK!

so, thought i’d throw out some great OC activities that are still fun to do, even when it raining.
Sky High Sports Trampoline Place located in Costa Mesa. the biggest trampoline (not bouncy house) place in the OC. a great way for your kiddies to get all that energy out and a great workout for moms and dads too! and today you get a deal because it’s Wild Wednesday!
Ikea located in Costa Mesa. they have a great play area where your kids can play while you shop, and a food court with great options for your kiddies lunch at a great price!
Laser Tag would be fun for you older kiddies. here’s a list of places in the OC:
Laser Quest in Fullerton & Mission Viejo
Boomers in Irvine
Camelot Golfland in Anaheim
The Discovery Science Center located in Santa Ana. buy your tickets online for the best price. there are many great exhibits going on right now including Dora the Explorer, Bubblefest and ENDING THIS WEEK….Star Wars!
Pretend City in Irvine! a totally fun and hands-on museum that great for the younger kiddies, as they can experience the world around them at their level.
have you ever taken your kiddies roller skating or ice skating?  i haven’t!  i should probably take them soon. there are many rinks in the OC to chose from.
Holiday Roller Skate in Orange (spring break special)
The Rinks Ice & Roller Skating Rinks in Anaheim, Westminster, Huntington Beach & Irvine
Ice Palace in Aliso Viejo
Orange County Ice Palace in Yorba Linda
and then there is always…..
 movie theaters
 my weekly list of activities!
and of course you can always just stay home and….
play games
build a blanket fort
bake cookies
watch movies
….but i am totally in the mood to get out.

Milk Art Kid Craft

thought it would be fun to go outside and enjoy the last of the warm weather. we sat outside on the grass and did Milk Art. so simple….but super cool. i even found myself addicted to it.

all you need is:
• milk
• a toothpick
• plate or shallow dish
• liquid food coloring drops

then, pour the milk in the plate. scatter a few drops of food coloring in the milk. let the kiddies take a toothpick and let the colors begin! very slowly swirl the milk around. beautiful swirls of color will appear.

let the kiddies try different variations of colors & different swirling motions. try adding more milk. try adding cream. try non-fat verses whole milk. every which way causes a different reaction. it’s mesmerizing.

happy swirling!
jill, jack, kyle & baby

since we were using food coloring, i did this activity outside. but we have done it inside too. just be careful, food coloring stains, so take the necessary precautions.

check out some more kitchen fun here

rainy day solutions.

since it’s going to be a rainy week, here is a list of activities that could keep the kiddies busy, and their mommy happy.

and don’t forget places like your local library, malls and indoor play areas like Chick fil A. and if you really daring…dress the kids up in rain gear and let them run around outside!