What’s Going On…

every thing. summer is practically flying by….can you believe it’s august already! i just can’t keep up. not only that, it’s been super busy over here. yay….we are finally done with swimming lessons, 4 weeks was a bit much. and baby is 3 months now…*sniff, sniff*….what a fun little guy. we have gone to the circus, to the fair, bowling, to the park, two splash pads, a cooking class, four birthday parties, camping, saw elephants in the streets and have played with friends almost everyday. momma needs a break!

we are going camping again next week. this time for 8 days. i am excited. so looking forward to some down time. i have been planning some fun treats for the kiddies. i am excited to go grocery shopping and have been enjoying looking for treasures to surprise them with during our stay.
still haven’t been able to post some things i have been trying to get to. there will be a new giveaway tonight….so excited! and if i have some freetime (not likely, but maybe a late-nighter) a tutorial.
be sure to enter the Made by Autie giveaway….it ends today.
be back soon,
jill, jack, kyle and baby vann

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